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One Small Thing: Fight Homelessness in Flagstaff

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Good Person


We'll send you a pin that says "I am a Good Person" so you can prove to everyone you know that you are, in fact, a good person.


Good Person Plus


You're not just a Good Person, you're a Good Person Plus. You'll get the I am a GOOD PERSON pin, plus a handwritten, personalized thank you haiku from comedian Sara Schaefer.


Good Ass Human Being


Congratulations, you are now officially a Good Ass Human Being. You'll receive the Good Ass Human Being pin, and a social media shout-out from from comedian Sara Schaefer!


Good Ass Human Being Plus


You'll receive a Good Ass Human Being Pin, PLUS a social media shout-out, plus a personalized thank you video from Sara Schaefer.


Beautiful & Kind Individual


We get it. It's hard being this beautiful and kind, and we'll send you a pin saying as much. Plus, Sara Schaefer will photoshop you and her together into a photo that you can share online or send out as next year's Christmas card. If anyone questions the authenticity of the photo, Sara will publicly verify that it is real.


Angel Vibes


Let's not even pretend that you don't have your angel vibes ON LOCK. You'll get the Angel Vibes On Lock pin, plus the I am a GOOD PERSON pin, a video social media shout-out from comedian Sara Schaefer, and an item of your choice from Sara Schaefer's Etsy shop.


Literal Saint


No doubt about it, you are a literal saint. Get the Literal Saint pin, plus ALL THE OTHER PINS! And a personalized thank you video from comedian Sara Schaefer, a personalized thank you haiku, a photoshopped photo with Sara, an item of your choosing from her Etsy shop, and 4 VIP tickets to a live performance by Sara Schaefer.


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