Arctic Ice Preservation: How YOU can help!

Bangor, Gwynedd, United KingdomKeith Beasley


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Polar Bear Hug

To show our appreciation for your donation, you'll be named in the roll of honour included in formal reports and major announcements.


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Siku Cap

We're working with a manufacturer of environmentally friendly caps to produce these unique Siku baseball caps, so that you can demonstrate your support for this valuable initiative.

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Donors Briefings

In addition to our on-going updates you’ll receive your own exclusive video reports on progress (of key events, on a roughly quarterly basis). We’ll also welcome your own image and video inputs which we will work with you to utilise in promoting The Siku Project.

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Join Us!

Unique opportunities to join our team as they carry out their research. These will unfold as the project develops, and will provide you with the chance to work alongside our pioneering researchers and contribute to our valuable work.

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Indigenous craft commemorative

As our relationship with indigenous groups develop during the project, so we’ll find way of supporting local groups in preserving their cultures. Through such working relationships we’ll identify indigenous craftsmen and women from whom totally unique crafts, specific to The Siku Project, will be commissioned.

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Your personalised preservation machine

Any donor offering £1000 or more will be able to have their name (or a name of their choice) inscribed on a trial or early production machine.

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Original Artwork

Receive a signed, one-off, Arctic themed, artwork by Kevie, the artist responsible for our main polar bear logo.

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