popn: end the brain drain in the community sector

Parramatta, AustraliaChristina Jarron


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Fundraising ended on Oct 23, 2018
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Social media shout out

To thank you for believing in popn, you will get a massive compliment on social media. We want to tell the world how amazing you are!


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A heartfelt (and handmade) thank you

When was the last time you were happy to open the letter box?! It’s about to happen because you are going to get a handmade thank you card, painted by my very talented three-year-old son.


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popn launch party ticket!

Come and get a seat at the table! Your investment will get you a ticket to the popn launch party.

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popn membership + online content

Welcome to the club! You’ll get a 12-month popn membership, which includes a ticket to 4 popn events. We’ll also send you a specially curated library of articles and podcasts on all things for-purpose!

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popn membership + your name on the POPN website

In addition to a 12-month popn membership and the rewards above, you’ll get to see your name in lights on a special acknowledgements page on the popn website!

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popn membership + VIP dinner

You’ll get everything the $100 reward includes, but with something extra special – an invite to a popn VIP dinner in Parramatta: debrief, learn, get inspired and meet new people!

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Consult with Christina + popn membership

Spend an hour with Christina, via Skype or in Parramatta/Sydney, on your social impact measurement or grants writing strategy. Christina has worked in social impact measurement in charities for almost 5 years, and has also developed and operationalised grant strategies since 2012. You'll also get a 12-month popn membership, including tickets to 4 popn events.

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Foundation partner

For your investment in popn, you’ll get:
- Recognition on the popn website, at popn pilot events and in the popn handbook.
- Quarterly updates on the progress of the pilot.
- An invitation to the popn partner summits, in month 1, 12 and 18 of the pilot. You will meet other partners, contribute to development and implementation of the pilot and support us to scale popn.
- 2 tickets to every popn event or 2 popn memberships.

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Innovation partner

All the perks of the Foundation Partnership, plus 4 tickets to every popn event or 4 popn memberships, plus your profile on the popn website.

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Transformation partner

All the perks of the Innovation Partnership, plus 6 tickets to every popn event or 6 popn memberships, an exclusive debrief with Christina on the popn handbook at the conclusion of the pilot AND first rights to sponsorship and partnership options as they develop.

If we reach our stretch goal, you’ll get a copy of the for-purpose workforce report and popn handbook and exclusive debriefs on the findings with Christina.

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