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Monrovia-Tubmanburg, LiberiaGed Naughton

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Successfully funded on Jan 12, 2018
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Hot mince pie and a cup of tea

After the event, you're all welcome back to my place for a thank you! (And maybe Number One Club after that for the hardcore!)


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Bronze Medal - personal message

You'll get a personal message on Lions FC News and Millennium Stars News showing you how much we love you!


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Silver Medal - video tribute

You'll get a personally recorded message on both Lions FC News and Millennium Stars News on Facebook.


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Gold Medal - Pegs Pals

We'll send you a limited edition hand-painted set of pegs in the team of your choice - Lions FC, Millennium Stars FC, Lions FC Girls. Only one set exists for each team in the entire world! (And you'll also get a personal video message on the Facebook pages of Lions FC and Millennium Stars FC.)

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