Help Pakistani Children Get to School Safely!

Faisalabad, PakistanAnsie De Wet


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Fundraising ended on Apr 05, 2016
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The Reader

Your donation will help provide a library of books in native and English languages for the children to read, learn from and enjoy. You'll help them develop a life long love of reading.

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The Writer

Your donation will provide school books for the children, and stationary to take classes and sit their exams.

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The Scholar

Your donation will provide the school fees for a child for one year.

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The Sponsor

You be recognised as a sponsor of a child for one year and will receive regular pictures and correspondence.

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The Get us From A to B Award

Your donation will provide for the running costs of our vehicle for one year - petrol, insurance, registration. We'll send you a framed photograph of the children with their new school van.

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The People Mover Award

You will be recognised as the provider of the vehicle to keep the children at Lily of the Valley Children's Home. You will have the satisfaction of making knowing you will be helping to make sure the children are safe and secure in their efforts to obtain and education.

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