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Fundraising ended on Jun 15, 2017
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Be one of the first to hear about great events, venues and news. Being a VIP member of No Money Fun jumps you to the front of the queue. We'll share news about the developments of No Money Fun, highlight great opportunities for FREE things to do and a host of other exciting special offers and secrets


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Supporters Wall/Meet the team

Take a space on our Supporters Wall, dedicated to showing everyone who has kindly supported No Money Fun. We'll grab your Facebook or Twitter profile picture and you'll see yourself alongside everyone else who supported the launch of No Money Fun. You can also join us for a Thank You get together for a coffee and brownie courtesy of our friends at American Kitchen.


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Enjoy your No Money Fun days out and visits with your exclusive No Money Fun Backpack, a high quality, branded bag. Wear your Backpack at events and venues and you'll be in with a chance of winning some exclusive, exciting surprises. It's your ticket to even more FREE fun! We'd love you to also join us in Bristol for a coffee and brownie.


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Enjoy the role equivalent to an Executive Producer. Along with one of our back packs, we'll give you a VIP access to developments, news and insights into what it's like behind the scenes of No Money Fun. You'll have a profile on the No Money Fun website and recognition as one of the key associates at the launch of the service. We'd also love to say thank you in person, so please come and join us at our Thank You event in Bristol (day and time to be arranged) for a coffee and brownie from American Kitchen, maybe even a slice of Key Lime Pie!

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