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Successfully funded on Nov 17, 2017
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Mighty Haiku

If you donate $25 get excited because there will be a personalised Haiku coming your way!


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Stick it!

You'll get a limited edition Might & Mane bumper sticker, for those times you are sitting in the boring, bumper-to-bumper traffic!

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Look the part with our Might & Mane T-Shirt! (Men's and Women's available)

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Selfie Shirt

If you donate $300, we will get a Might & Mane T-Shirt made - With your face and/or business front and centre!! And we will of course upload photos on our social pages before we post it to you!

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Personalised Trophy

You champion! It's time to fill that trophy cabinet!

For those who donate $500, we will get a personalised trophy made for you!


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Mighty Trophy!

Personal Delivery of Trophy & thank you talk to YOU or your workplace by either Gab or Charlie! (Limited to Sydney unfortunately!)


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Mates Barber-Q

Might & Mane will come round to your place with one of our affiliated barbers, chuck on some snags and clean up your manes while we are at it! We will also offer the best tips and tricks for safe conversation! (Must be in Sydney! and max of 15 people!)

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Migh-T-Shirt Sponsor

We'll put your brand logo (or your face!!) on the sleeve of our next 100 shirts produced!

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Corporate Barber-Q

We certainly don't discriminate, if a person or company donates $5000, we will bring our barbers to your office, put on a barby and run your team through skills in safe conversation (Must be in Sydney! and max of 50 people!)

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Mighty Blades of Glory!!

If you think talking about mental health is uncomfortable, how about getting down to your undies and rollerblading across Sydney's finest beaches........If you donate $10,000, Gab and Charlie will roller-blade from Manly to Palm Beach in our Budgies, and name your company as our sponsor!!! (knee pads, helmet and all!) We'll do anything to get conversations started about mental health!

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