Longboards That Impact the World

Denver, Colorado, United StatesDaniel Kohout

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Fundraising ended on Jun 01, 2018
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Free Wristband and Sticker

We'll send you our company wristband and logo sticker.


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Exclusive Content

You'll get sneak previews of our newest boards and artists before they are released to the public, along with company news and updates.


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Logo T-Shirt

We'll send you our company T-Shirt with our logo.


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Free Slide Gloves

We'll send you some of our professional slide gloves.

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Free Longboard deck

We'll send you our anti-human trafficking deck, these are the first to be printed and are not yet available in our online store.

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Free complete longboard from our upcoming artist

We'll send you the first copy of our new board from one of our upcoming artists! Customized with your choice of wheel colors and truck colors.

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Fully Customized Deck

We'll make you a fully customized, digitally designed deck with all the works. We'll make you a design from the ground up and work with you until it looks exactly how you want it. You choose the trucks, bearings and wheels. Once the design is added to the website you'll be given an honorable mention in the product description.

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