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Fundraising ended on Aug 08, 2013
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A personal thank-you email plus listing donor's name on the new website's donor thank-you page.

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A Pocket Constitution with LFD logo, a thank-you email and name listed on the new website.

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A coffee mug with LFD logo, thank-you email, and listing on the LFD website.

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LFD logo coffee mug and all previous rewards.

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A political poetry chapbook by award-winning poet and LFD founder, Michael Baldwin, titled "When The Bill Of Rights Comes Due". This will be a limited, numbered, special edition of no more than 100, signed by the author, and with the LFD logo. This will be an instant collector's item if the campaign is a success. Also included will be the personal thank-you email, the pocket constitution, and listing on the LFD website.

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All previous rewards: the personal thank-you email and listing on the LFD website, the pocket constitution, the LFD mug, and the limited edition chapbook.

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All previous rewards plus an LFD limited edition poster signed by the LFD staff. You can see images of the 4 LFD posters on the LFD website under the Free Stuff tab. The poster of your choice will be numbered and indicated as a limited edition and signed by the LFD staff.

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A poem written for and dedicated to the donor, and signed by Mr. Baldwin, plus all the previous rewards.

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