Jonny Joins Us

Sydney , AustraliaJonny Hawkins


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Successfully funded on Nov 14, 2017
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Rock Bottom Dollar

Oh honey, I'll take anything. In return for helping out your boy, you'll get a loved-up shout out on the socials. Your choice of a haiku or acrostic.


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The Hopeful

I'll do a really shitty photoshop of you and your preferred celebrity on your wedding day.


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Bouquet Bandits

I'll help you rig the next bouquet toss so that you're up next.

But if this isn't possible. I'll do you a shitty photoshop and request a love song for you on the radio and make up a story about you being in jail.

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Master of Some

I'll MC your next event. Send you my wardrobe option and you can choose what I wear, raging from suits to dresses and crystal studded hot pants.

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Dollar Bin Darlings

Sydney favourite DJs Tina and Malcolm Turntables will do a set at your party.

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Here come the Brides

I'll do your wedding. Big box to have ticked early.

Realistically, I'll have it all done by Feb-March '18