Plant a Critically Endangered Native Plant

Sydney, AustraliaPeter Cooley

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Successfully funded on Mar 12, 2019
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A facebook Donation Acknowledgement

We'll provide a thanks on our IndigiGrow Facebook page for your pledge


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Grow & plant an endangered plant

We'll propagate, grow and plant a critically endangered plant species and let you know where it has been planted and provide an update of it's progress.


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Bushfood herb

We'll send you a 15 gram packaged bushfood herb to thank you for helping us

179 left

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IndigiGrow educational card set

We'll send you a set of 4 IndigiGrow educational greeting cards featuring native plants with their traditional or botanical use.


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Plant a plant for a lost loved one

We'll prepare a plant that has been smoke cleansed by our Aboriginal staff that can be used as part of a memorial.


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Come visit our nursery and learn about the critically endangered eastern suburbs banksia species and meet our team and take home one of these endangered plants

Meet our team and learn from them. Take a plant with you to plant in your own choice of setting or plant it here at the school.


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Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub tour

We'll take you through our local Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) plant community looking at many different critically endangered plant species and sharing local cultural stories.

Bushfood wild harvesting and sampling (depending on the season) and freshly harvested lemon myrtle tea.

Minimum of 5 people


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Come and plant a tree with your business

Run a corporate volunteering day with us. Start the day with a traditional welcome to country & smoking ceremony, learn how to propagate and grow plants. Plant some and each staff members gets to take home their own tubestock endangered species to plant in their office or home.


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Plant a bushfood garden in a school

We'll build a bushfood garden in a school of your choosing within the Sydney Metropolitan region, planting native plants and provide one lesson to the school-children on their traditional uses and how to maintain their garden.
This work will entail:
Either a raised garden bed already existing or plant out a suitable area.
Sandstone rocks to be used as either borders, stepping stones or feature rocks to a maximum 3 tonne
Small frog pond made out of layered freehand sandstone placement
Plants for frog pond and frog pond lining
Tubestock, edible bush foods, 100 plants provided for 30 sqm space
2 x horticulture and landscape design & construction staff over 3 days maximum
Sugar cane mulch
Seaweed tonic and fertiliser treatment
Lesson to children about bush foods- 1 hour per class, maximum 3 classes on a day when landscape construction is occurring