Help The Homeless In Your Hood

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Raised of $25,000 AUD

Fundraising ended on Jun 08, 2017
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Hood Lyf Sticker + 10% OFF for LYF

We'll send you a Hood Lyf sticker to slap on your own hoodie. We understand you might not be HOOD enough to rock one of our LOUD designs, but we know you're GOOD enough!


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Hood Lyf Hoodie + 10% OFF for LYF

Damn straight you're HOOD enough, that's why we'll send you whichever design you think is GOOD enough. Welcome to the Hood Lyf.


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2 Hood Lyf Hoodies + 10% OFF for LYF

If you wanna stay in the GOOD books, then you know that one HOOD is not enough. Whether it's one for you and another for your partner, or two for you because you're riding solo, we got you.


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3 Hood Lyf Hoodies + 10% OFF for LYF

If you're HOOD enough to rock a different hoodie each month of winter, then we're GOOD enough to take a little off the top. You're well and truly living the Hood Lyf,


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3 Hood Lyf Hoodies + Lunch + 10% OFF for LYF

Join me in the HOOD for something GOOD to eat. Feel free to poke fun at me shivering in the street while we share a yarn over a burger and a brew. Or avoid me altogether, take your food somewhere warm and pick out your 3 fave hoodies.

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4 Hood Lyf Hoodies + Style Me + 10% OFF for LYF

Your choice of three hoodies delivered to your HOOD, plus pick out what you think would look GOOD (on me). I'll wear the hoodie of your choice (can be your own promo) for part of my 24 hour stint on the cold streets of Sydney.

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5 Hood Lyf Hoodies + Sunrise Outfit + 10% OFF for LYF

Not only will you get a HOOD to wear every weekday, you'll have a GOOD time seeing me in the window on Channel 7's Sunrise, wearing WHATEVER you choose (can be your own promo). Get creative, I dare you.

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