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Thank you so much you ledgend. A massive message of thanks on the old twitter acknowledging you and a photo of my beaming face

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The weekly wilderness update. A weekly update with all the fun tricks, tips, skills and insights that I'm learning at the Wilderness Awarenes School. Keep you updated with what's happening and give you little cheeky ways that you can benefit from supporting me studying with your own nature connection journey.

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A little taste of what we all need. An emailed ebooklet written by yours truly on fun and lovely ways you can connect with nature, as well as a personal emailed message of gratitude.

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A bit more of a taste of what we all need. A half an hour one-on-one skype or phone chat about ways you can connect to nature and things you can do to feel more at home in the natural world. Accompanying booklet emailed to you as well with activities, skills advice and some beautiful quotes and poems on nature from some of my favourite people.

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Let me share with you what it's all about . A place on a day-long nature connection and firecraft course led by me at Embercombe ( dates TBC but will be before the end of August 2015). Obviously dependent of you being able to get to Devon, England.

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