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Our eternal gratitude and permanent recognition on our website as a founding contributor. In addition you will be the first to receive an invitation to our beta site when it becomes available in your area.

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Increase the flavor, fun and frugality of food in your life with our Kitchen Tips and Tricks pdf. Designed to help the home cook take advantage of the techniques that restaurants use to build delightful flavors and keep prices low, our guide covers storage, equipment, flavor and heat. Of course you will also receive a beta invite and be thanked on our website.

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Share your favorite recipes with friends.
In addition to all of the above, we'll mail you 8 beautiful postcards each featuring a different picture of homemade food from our facebook community. Write a recipe on the back and share with someone who deserves good food.

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Make it your Real Good Food. In addition to all of the above, you will receive 10 extra invitations to our limited beta release. This is a great way to make sure the people whose food you love are on Real Good Food.

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Enjoy a fine meal at our Celebration Dinner June 21st in Ann Arbor. Prepared by dinner party enthusiast and Real Good Food founder Devin McIntire, you'll be treated to a delicious meal and entertained by wonderful supporters of Real Good Food like yourself. You will also receive all of the previous awards

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Would you like to start your own Real Good Food trading group? At this level we will help you set up a food swapping group for the community of your choice, perhaps your office, neighborhood or church group etc. We'll build a private group page for you, supply you with enough beta invites and help you get your group up and running. You will also receive all of the previous awards

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Be a Real Good Food Champion. Your support at this level means the world to us and we'll let people know. We will provide you a special Champion's page on our website and recognition through Facebook and Twitter to feature your business or cause. This is a great option for local food vendors and artisans as well as food related non-profit organizations. You will also receive all of the previous awards

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Join our informal advisory team! Real Good Food is a committed community business and this means having the community involved in our direction and decisions. As part of our advisory team you will be invited to join a quarterly video conference call to review our progress and strategic objectives. This is a fabulous opportunity to help transform local food across the country and to meet and collaborate with other committed food enthusiasts. You will also receive all of the previous awards

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Be a Real Good Food Partner.

Your contribution at this level provides critical support for our web development and will allow us to kickstart the development of specific features. At this level we we will place a logo of your choice in the footer of our site and if you choose, name a particular site feature after your contribution. Please contact us for more information. You will also receive all of the previous awards

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