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Premium Account: 2 Years

Readers who want to avoid ads pay $10/year on our website but, if this is of interest, you should do so here because you'll get $5 of Healing Gold and a second year on the house. If you'd like to never see ads on our site for the rest of your life you can select this reward and add $20 to your pledge.


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Professional Account: 2 Years

Healers and therapists who charge $20/hour pay $20/year for a practitioner account on our website but, if this is you, you should register here because we'll also give you $10 of Healing Gold and a second year on the house. If you're a healer who charges more than $20/hour you can simply select this reward and then increase your pledge to match your hourly rate, half of which will be returned to you as Healing Gold. Once you've upgraded readers will be able to contact you in several ways, you'll be able to accept Healing Gold payments from clients, and you'll be featured in our directory. Regardless of your hourly rate, if you increase your pledge to $300 then you'll be permanently upgraded, until you retire that is.


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Healers Magazine Listing: 5 Issues

Healers, we'll share your name, contact info and your photo (optional) in our printed magazine 5 times and give you $25 of Healing Gold. If you'd like us to do so 10 times, increase your pledge to $90 or, if you'd like us to continue featuring you for 2 years, you can make your pledge $200, respectively bequeathing $45 or $100 in Healing Gold.


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Healers Magazine Subscription: Issues 1-10

We'll print and send you the first 10 issues of our magazine, all of which have not been printed to date and half of which haven't yet been released. We'll also give you $100 of Healing Gold and plant 10 trees. (Shipping is not included but doesn't cost much if you live in North America like most of our readers.) If you're interested in a 2-year subscription (24 issues) just increase your pledge to $400 and, yes, you'll get $200 in Healing Gold back and, yes, we'll plant a tree every time we send you an issue.


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All The Above Plus Royalties

We'll give you $500 of Healing Gold, you'll get every reward above, and for the rest of your days, we'll wire you 0.01% of all our monthly revenue. Better yet, make a pledge for $2,000 and get .03%. You see where this is going. You can contact Ben ([email protected]) to discuss this opportunity further or make an equity-based offer.