Growing Alliances: Youth Employment & Empowerment

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Successfully funded on Apr 01, 2018
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Sweet Pea

Purchase the ingredients for one meal for our team to prepare. We will publish your name for all to see on our website and on our annual report


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The Apple of Our Eye

Come get a tour of our garden from the youth themselves, either in person or virtually! We will host two tours during the summer, when the garden is flourishing. We will send you the possible dates once decided. *Conditions do apply*


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Honorary Team Member

Contribute a month of wages for one youth! Receive a private tour this summer, along with a Growing Alliances' team shirt signed (or not if you'd prefer) by our crew members. *Conditions do apply*


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Part of the Family

Contribute a month of wages for the whole team! Come become part of the family by joining us for one of our weekly workshops and then preparing and eating a meal from the garden. We will decide a date with you that fits both of our schedules. *Conditions do apply*