A social enterprise course for people ready to change the world

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Transform your impact idea into a launch-ready social enterprise

Over 10 weeks we help your turn your idea to make a difference into a real business plan that you can take action on.

Join a cohort of social entrepreneur founders as you share the journey of designing a social enterprise with a viable business model and impact model with a plan to launcho.

100% Online - join from anywhere

Combining online learning, group coaching and live fireside chats with successful social entrepreneurs.

Expert Speakers

Learn from subject matter experts covering business models. impact models, pitching, launch marketing and funding.

Group Coaching

Hosted by Tom Dawkins the founder of StartSomeGood, you get 3 group coaching calls to ask questions and workshop challenges.

What People are saying
One of the key learning from the program was simply getting clarity on what my idea was. I had so many different ideas I could implement but I needed the direction and guidance to know which one to start with and why.
Mel Kenny, Made of Substance

Are you ready?

We'll save you time, money and frustration as we help you organize your thoughts into a business model with thoughtful design for a product or service your customers will love. Generate profit and create REAL change on the issue area you are seeking to impact.


How It Works

You'll receive 5 modules with 14 video lessons from subject matter experts, action focused worksheets, peer learning pods and 3 x live group calls. PLUS get invites to 2-3 live fireside chats with successful social entrepreneurs.


Share the journey

Share the journey with a cohort of fellow changemakers who become your support network. Group coaching sessions and live Q&A sessions provide the opportunity to share your ideas and challenges, while hearing and learning from other founders.

The storytelling module helped me understand how to tell my story in a way that really highlights why I do what I do. It helped explain my work much more clearly and in a much more engaging way of connecting with people.
Julia Schneider, launched Alive With Possibility, a transformational coaching practice using nature.

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How it works

Module 1: The Change You Seek

✓   Introduction to Social Enterprise

✓   Theories of Change + Issue Mapping

✓   4 Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship

Module 2: Designing and Building Your Idea

✓   Designing and Building your Idea

✓   Business Models

Module 3: Building Your Tribe

✓   5 Hooks of Social Change Storytelling

✓   Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

✓   Sharing Resources via “Collective Enoughness”

Module 4: Getting Launch Ready

✓   Crafting Your Story and Delivering a Great Pitch

✓   Digital Marketing Essentials

✓   The Art of Video Storytelling

Module 5: The Road is Long

✓   Changemaker Mindssets for Long-term Success

✓   Funding Options

✓   Personal Sustainability + Creating a Culture of Care

who you'll be learning with

Made by Good Hustlers for Good Hustlers..

Tom Dawkins - Host of Good Hustle

Tom is the co-founder and CEO of social change crowdfunding platform and innovation agency He's the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival, the founder of Vibewire, and opened Australia's first co-working space SquareOne in 2006. For twenty years Tom has been exploring how technology and culture can be harnessed as tools to create a more democratic and participatory society.

Alex Budak - Teacher "4 Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship" + "Changemaker Mindsets for Long-term Success"

Alex is a social entrepreneur and professional faculty member at UC Berkeley Haas, School of Business. where he created and teaches a transformative course called “Becoming a Changemaker" and serves as the Executive Director of the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program. He co-founded with Tom in 2011.

Kate Clugston - Teacher "Personal Sustainability + Creating a Culture of Care"

Kate's purpose is to create a culture of care, connection and compassion through self-awareness and supporting people create positive change in the world. She does this through her yoga teaching, her book the Radical Self Journal and her work at with emerging social entrepreneurs at StartSomeGood. Kate teaches the module on "Personal Sustainability and Creating a Culture of Care"

Ben Pecotich - Teacher "Impact Business Models | Human-Centred Design & Innovation"

Ben is a designer, innovation coach, and social enterprise/startup founder. He collaborates with people to design and build ideas for happier communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable. He's the founder and managing director of Dynamic4 (a 17 year old purpose-driven design & innovation company, and certified B Corp).

Hildy Gottlieb - Teacher "Collective Enoughness"

Hildy is a change theorist and asker of powerful questions. In her role as Chief Boundary Pusher in the living experiment at Creating the Future, Hildy teaches people how to create systems change by changing the questions they ask, aiming systems large and small at bringing out the best in people.

Luke Faccini - Teacher "Raving Fans: Crafting Your Customer Avatar"

Luke is a brand storyteller. He helps good businesses become great brands. His company The Sponge is a purpose-centered branding agency and a Certified B Corp. Luke is also the co-founder of

Brook McCarthy - Teacher "Digital Marketing Essentials"

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer, conversion optimization specialist and business coach with 15 years’ experience in online communications. Brook works closely with values-based self-employed people, to help them define their difference and grow their community online.

Rob Irving - Teacher "Creating and Delivering a Great Pitch"

Rob inspires the best in people, purpose, performance, and impact. Founder, Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific mobilizing community and capital for good. Lead Pitch Coach, The Funding Network – a fresh approach to capacity building for grassroots non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

Live Speakers

Fireside chats + Q&A Sessions with world class social entrepreneurs
FIRESIDE CHAT with SHAMINI DHANA CEO and Founder of Dhana Inc, USA

Shamini if the founder of Dhana a fashion technology company empowering consumers to connect with people and the planet through sustainable and ethical fashion.


Sheree is the Founder of One Roof, a digital membership & community for women leaders & entrepreneurs. Affectionately known as the 'Queen of Community' she has been recognised for her efforts in supporting and mentoring women in business with a host of awards

Q&A with Hildy Gottlieb

A social scientist and asker of powerful questions. She is the co-founder and Chief Boundary Pusher at Creating the Future, the creator of the Catalytic Thinking framework, and a strong advocate for the power we have together that none of us have on our own.

Inspired with the Business Models session, we analysed over 50 real-world existing business models and landed with one that had real-world precedent, that we could confidently go out and test.
Matthew Haren launched Tablehood, a network of people using the power of the mealtime table to create connection, relationships and belonging.

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