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Fungi for Land

This is the real A5 book, discounted because you believe it is needed and we will produce it. This will provide practical knowledge and be a guide for land managers. We hope you will consider other support too which will contribute to the writing and production of the guide.


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Fabulous Fungi Postcard

Thanks for helping us make this happen, we will send you a Fabulous Fungi Postcard.


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Fungi mirror

Your support is appreciated so we will send you a Fungi4Land logo mirror to help you look under any fungi you may spot.


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Fabulous Fungi Case

You rock and your support is great so we will send you a Fabulous Fungi Case, to keep your kit in.


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Fungi for Land T-shirt

Your are helping make this book a reality so we hope you will enjoy wearing this Fungi4Land logo T-shirt.


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Fungi batik shirt

Amazing! Your donation supports half a day's writing time. We are so delighted that we will send you a fungi design Batik shirt, these are functional wearable art.

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Fungal treasure hunt

Sapphire (Victoria, or SEQ or FNQ) or Roz (Greater Perth and hills) will take you and 9 friends on a fungi treasure hunt (3 hour fungi field hunt) so you can start to know and understand your local fungi.

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Fungi training day

Sapphire and Roz both will come to your region for a full day's training for up to 18 people, on fungi identification and introduce the principles of fungi land management.

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