Help locals stand up for Bulga at Rio Tinto's AGM

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Successfully funded on May 04, 2016
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The Honour Roll

Everyone who donates $10 or more will go on the Market Forces website under the honour roll of people who have helped make this activity happen.


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Bulga backer

We'll send everyone who contributes over $40 a pack of Market Forces goodies, including our reports and guides on which banks are funding fossil fuels and how people can do switch banks in way that makes your voice count. We'll also send one of our "famous" My Bank Chose Fossil Fuels so I Chose Another Bank" t-shirts (available for all of the big four banks, depending on which one you're divesting from)!


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Up in lights

In addition to the pack of goodies that everyone gets for contributing $40 or more, for people donating over $100 you will get a personal video message back from Rob and Annemarie to say thanks for helping them get from Bulga to Brisbane and hold Rio Tinto's board accountable.