Flinders Reef Ecological Assessment

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Successfully funded on May 25, 2016
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An invitation to meet the team at a traditional Unidive barbecue, with presentations about how citizen science and local volunteers are making a difference to the marine ecosystem.

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Email newsletters throughout the project - we’ll keep you in the loop so you know what we’re doing thanks to your support! And of course, an invitation to our BBQ.

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A thank-you postcard featuring beautiful photos of the underwater environment, an invitation to our BBQ and our email newsletter.

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Coral Health Chart donated by CoralWatch. It provides a simple way for people to measure coral health and contribute to the CoralWatch global database. The Coral Health Chart is used by dive centres, scientists, school groups, and tourists. It is an engaging tool that provides people with accessible information and a hands-on experience. And an invitation to our BBQ, a postcard from the team, and project updates throughout.

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ReefSearch Kit donated by ReefCheck Australia. REEFSearch is a reef identification and observation program that can be used by anyone snorkelling, SCUBA diving, or reef walking, with no need for prior training. REEFSearch is an introduction to the hows and whys of reef ecology, reef monitoring and reef conservation. And an invitation to our BBQ, a postcard from the team, and project updates throughout.

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Coral Reefs and Climate Change Educational Video Series DVD from CoralWatch. Beautifully illustrated through animated diagrams and photos, interviews with scientists, clear language, and footage from around the globe. Each of these 22 videos explores a key topic in oceanography, coral reef ecology, climate change science, and reef conservation. These DVDs are intended for community education and are great for teachers to share with their students, or just anyone who wants to learn! Of course, you'll also be invited to our BBQ, receive a postcard and our email newsletter.

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A stunning 12”x12” canvas print featuring a unique underwater scene - truly a one-of-a-kind print. We’re only offering 5 and they’ll all be different! Unfortunately, we'll need to limit these to shipping within Australia (unless we can get them printed near you and shipped direct at a reasonable cost - please ask) as we'd honestly rather use the donations for our project than paying couriers :) You’ll also get an invitation to our BBQ, our email newsletter and a thank you postcard.

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Your organisation named as a major sponsor of our project. We’ll include your logo in project updates/social media and project outcomes such as community presentations, dive maps, info brochures, and if we reach our ultimate goal of $20,000 we’ll also provide you a copy of our photo book to display in your office. And of course, we'll also invite you along to our BBQ and send you a thank-you certificate to hang on your wall.

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