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e-download of all the worksheets and instructions. With these worksheets on your side, you are on your way to winning your financial independence & freedom. Facebook and Twitter "thank you shout out".

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All of the great $10 rewards PLUS: e-download of the ENTIRE Financial Strategy Kit including the instructional video tutorials & Excel budgeting file. Add in a few StartSomeGood ONLY bonus worksheets. e-download of my short book on Giving. Hand pressed "Thank You" card.

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All of the great $10 and $20 dollar rewards PLUS: The Kit itself shipped to your front door! (signed by me of course) Financial Warrior stickers to proudly display and show the world you are fighting for good in the personal finance revolution. Listing in the Kit as a proud supporter.

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You guessed it, everything up to now PLUS: Invitation to the Sustainable Finance Strategy Kit release party. Hosted by yours truly here in Kansas City, MO. Wine? Coffee? Cake? Fun? Surprises? Your signed Kit will await your arrival. If you are unable to make it to the party, I'll make it up to you, how about TWO kits, one for you and one for a friend?!

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Everything up to now PLUS: A special, one of a kind, limited edition hand pressed, personalized cover insert for your Kit. ONLY for supporters.

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All the wonderful rewards up to now PLUS: Two months of financial coaching, with me of course. In person, over Skype, phone and/or email. Whatever it takes! 2 months, 4 sessions, 1 hour each.

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