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Food Truck Meal

Come try a free meal served from our Fare Go Food Truck and see our project in action! We serve delicious middle eastern street food including: falafel, Iraqi 'cigars' (think of a spring rolls stuffed with ricotta cheese, lemon and herbs) and Paratha bread (pastry stuffed with spiced chicken and vegetables). Yum!

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Human-Being T-Shirt

Come and grab one of our awesome 'Human-Being T-shirts' that feature captions like 'handle with care' and 'contents may vary in colour' in a range of sizes and colours. We'll also give you a token to collect a free food truck meal and a shout out on social media!

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Eat.Share.Connect Lunch

You and a guest are invited to enjoy an Eat. Share. Connect lunch at CARAD. The lunches are prepared and enjoyed with the refugee and asylum seeker people support are a wonderful chance to connect and try some delicious cultural food. Lunches are on Wednesday at 1pm and you can pick any week of the year to come along! We'll give you a t-shirt to take home too!

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Community Speaker

Would your friends or community group benefit from learning more about issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers? We will provide an educational speaker with direct experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds for your group for a 1-2 hours presentation.

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Corporate Training Day

This full-day training workshop will be ideal for corporate of not-for-profit organisations who want to understand issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers globally, nationally and in our community. The training will also give practical ways in which people can work effectively cross-culturally and how we can build a more welcoming community for people who are new to Australia. Lunch will be catered for by our Food Truck team!

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The VIP Food Truck Experience!

If you are all in, so are we! We will bring the Food Truck to you and cater your very own private event! We will also display your logo on our Food Truck website and promotional materials for a full year.

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