Metamorphosis Projects: Faith, Hope, Love Soap

Parramatta , AustraliaAgatha Simanjuntak


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Successfully funded on Oct 23, 2018
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Soap Supporters

We'll give you a 'Thank You' Shout-out on our website and on the social media platforms for your great SUPPORT :)

Estimated delivery: October 2018

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Soap Starters

We’ll send you a ’Soap Starter’ package contains 3 bars of our artisan & ethical soaps for you and your loved one to TRY!
Estimated delivery: January-February 2019

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Soap Lovers

We’ll send you a ’Soap Lover’ package contains 5 bars of our artisan & ethical soap for you and your loved one to LOVE!!
Estimated delivery: January-February 2019

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Soap Heroes

We’ll send you a ’Soap Hero’ package contains 7 bars of our artisan & ethical soap for you and your loved one to GIVE!!!
Estimated delivery: January-February 2019

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Soap Change-makers

We’ll send you a ’Soap Changemaker’ package contains 10 bars of our artisan & ethical soap for you and your loved one to SHARE!!!
Estimated delivery: January-February 2019

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Soap Makers

You're Awesome! We'll invite you to join a 4 hours Soap-making workshop in Sydney. This class would be a group of 5 people. You will make about 1 kg of natural handmade soap (10 bars) to bring home. Venue and date to be confirmed.
Estimated delivery: early December 2018-February 2019

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Soap Travellers

You're simply Amazing! We'll arrange a 3 days Private Soap-Making Tour for you to a beautiful Ubud village, in Bali*. Meet with Balinese soap-makers and experience behind-the-scenes of the handcrafted soap-making process using local natural and plant-based ingredients. Plus, we will pamper you with a relaxing Balinese massage for your amazing generosity :)
Estimated delivery: January-March 2019

* Ubud is the centre for the traditional Balinese arts and craft, surrounding with tropical rainforest and terraced rice paddies, along with Hindu temples and shrines, are among Bali's, most famous landscapes.
Note: accommodation, air flight tickets and visa cost are not included in this reward.

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