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You'll be kept in the loop with all things Enterprising Stories via e-mail and a closed LinkedIn group. You'll be the first to know about anything special we arrange.

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We'll do a shoutout to you in the show credits, plus you'll get an invitation to participate in the virtual room during the broadcasts, via calendar invite. We'll give you a $25 voucher for social enterprise marketplace Dinidae.com to use for your Christmas shopping, creating further impact!

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In addition to the Shoutout rewards, we'll invite you to any post-show networking or learning experiences we create. We'll also arrange special discounts to partnered social enterprise events that our team works on and pass those discounts to you. Finally, we'll also give you a $50 voucher for social enterprise marketplace Dinidae.com.

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You'll get all the rewards for Champion plus as sponsor, you'll receive a logo placement per show. Just send us any logo of your choice (within reason!). We'll also provide a Dinidae voucher valued at $100.

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You'll get Champion rewards plus be able to submit story ideas and suggestions for featuring on 'Enterprising Stories'! We'll also provide a Dinidae voucher valued at $250.

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You'll get Champion rewards, plus very special Patron status for showing your love and dedication for the show! We'll discuss partnership with you and how what you offer aligns with the needs of the Enterprising Stories audience.

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There can be only one superstar of Enterprising Stories Australia (and one for the global version) - will it be you or your business?!!!

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