Emergency inflatable Bed Tent Sleeping compartment

Idaho FallsHelp us build mobile tents for disaster victims


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Fundraising ended on Aug 25, 2012
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Our eternal thanks and a bumper sticker we will send to you within two months of the end of the event. We will also put you on our web list to keep you informed of our progress.

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All of the above and a free VIP invitation to our finished product debut on Earth Day 2013 San Diego, Ca. You will also be given the opportunity to see and actually sit in and inspect one of our first models. Travel expenses aren't covered, but if you can't make it we will be making a video of the event and your name along with others who have donated will be aknowledged in credit at the end of the video. We will be glad to send you a personal copy

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All of the above plus 1 night in one of our tents for 2 on our 2 night camping trip we will have in beautiful San Diego, Ca on the same weekend as Earth Day 2013. We will also pay for your camp site for the 2 nights camping adventure. Travel expenses to and from are not included. If you can not attend you will recieve a free video as mentioned above.

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All of the above and we will have a 1:18 scale demonstration model of our tent ready for you to keep as a token of our thanks that will be suitable for exhibiting.

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All of the above and you will receive 1 full size queen tent (not a scale model) to keep and you can bring 4 people to the camping event.

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All of the above. Plus you will receive a one of a kind personalized bed tent colony with 4 tents in a color and pattern you choose. your personalized 1:18 scale model will also come in these colors and will be mounted on a one of a kind stand with your name and our personal thanks.

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