eCOjarZ: Help to finally make upcycling cool

Denver and IthacaeCOjarZ

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Fundraising ended on Sep 21, 2012
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eCOjarZ: a beautiful stainless steel lid with silicone gasket and eCOstopper, or stretchable lovable silicone eCOjarZ drink top. Comfortable non-leach drink tops safe even in the dishwasher. Pick one and get ready to fall in love with glass all over again.

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eCOmugZ: all of the above plus a 16oz glass mug and eCOzY (a silicone no-brake cozy that keep the hot hot and the cold cold)

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eCObladeZ: all of the above plus blender blades, gaskets and adapters that will attach any mason jar to your ostar blender or drill. Blend quick and safe, even on the go.

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eCOcoupleZ: two of the above plus a custom eCOjarZ T-shirt and eCOjarZ embroidered patch
(only one set of eCObladeZ)

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eCOfamilY: set of 4 of everything! you get 4 stainless and 4 silicone tops, 4 mugs, 4 eCOzY, a set of eCObladeZ, 4 T'shirts, and four patches

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eCOtecH: one eCOmugZ set up and one FULL hour of Q and A about how to sustainably run your house or vehicle on solar or carbon neutral vegetable oil... Just like our packaging facility. This will be an informal talk on the telephone about our set up. Ask anything, and we will gladly provide you pictures of how we did it.

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eCOsupporteR: You are the coolest! you love us, want to see us succeed and have a little extra to help us make it happen. You will receive one limited edition laser engraved custom eCOmug with eCOzY (top secret image), one stainless steel and one silicone eCOjarZ lids. One T-shirt and one embroidered patch. With this reward you have prof that you were there at the beginning, you StartedSomeGood with eCOjarZ!!!

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eCOdisplayZ: sweet eCOjarZ display for coffee shop, bakery, farmers market or anywhere where people are going to love eCOjarZ. Comes with 50 stainless, 25 silicone eCOjarZ lids and T-shirt.

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300 silicone ecojarz drink tops with your own personal logo on top and one eCOfamilY Promote your biz in style, or resale your own branded eCOlidZ

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