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Fremantle, AustraliaPenny Musgrove


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Successfully funded on Jun 17, 2016
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Eco Conscious

Shout out of thanks on Facebook and webpage regarding your eco-conscious status!
And/or repost your latest photo on Instagram IG: eco_eats


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Eco Healthy

Email you my favourite and most popular vegetarian recipes - including the always popular Lemon Myrtle Bliss Balls - on a monthly basis for one year!


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Eco Heart

Invitation to Eco Eats opening location once kitchen is up and running - including a meal + drink voucher!

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Eco Yummy

Within 10km of Fremantle CBD: two free vegan lunchboxes delivered to your door! Check out what yumminess you can choose from at the website (
Plus, a shout out on our social media pages and a copy of the delicious bliss ball recipes!

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Eco Savvy

10% discount on up to five catering "Deliver and Drop" orders you place within the twelve months of 2017 (relevant to regular ordering conditions as specified at

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Eco Smart

Within 20km of Fremantle CBD: a free 1.5 hour educational workshop for your business/school/organisation/community group: "An Introduction to Sustainable Food with Eco Eats." For up to 30 people (aged ten and over). Will include information and statistics on sustainable food practices, healthy food preparation demonstrations, recipes and taste testing, and a run-down on reducing kitchen waste with a fun intro to worm-farming demo. (Must be claimed within the 2016/17 financial year and is subject to reasonable booking conditions.)

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Eco Hero

Your business / personal name recognised on the artwork of the Eco Eats Sustainable kitchen, to be used in the City of Fremantle and greater Perth region. Your business name / personal name / company will be listed under the following text and adjacent to the educational artwork:
"This eco-friendly kitchen was proudly funded by the following Eco Heroes. "
"Eco Eats thanks them with all our heart."

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