Into the Wind: Fare Trade by Sail

NorthportDragonfly Sail Transport Co


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Fundraising ended on Jun 21, 2013
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"Crew List". Hand-written thank you note sent from the boatyard and your name on our website.

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"The Bronze Figurehead". Your name engraved on a bronze plaque displayed on board Aquilo. Plus the hand-written note and name on our website.

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"Knot Fuel Dependent ". Sailors knot bracelet plus your name on bronze plaque and hand-written note.

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"Market Day At The Docks". Environmentally-friendly tote bag with Dragonfly logo, sailors knot bracelet, name on bronze plaque, and hand-written thank you note.

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"We Tied the Knot". A tribute to the traditional sailor's craft of ropework, this monkey fist knot is large enough to be used as a doorstop. You also get the tote bag,rope bracelet, your name on the bronze plaque, and hand-written thank you note.

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"Trade Wind". A three-hour sail for four on Northport Bay. Feel the power of the wind as Aquilo cuts through the water on her freshly-painted hull. See the local landmarks and navigational bouys we use as we make our transport deliveries. You will also receive the Monkey Fist doorstop, tote bag, bracelet and your name on bronze plaque.

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"Dragonfly Beach". Enjoy an 8-hour cruise for four aboard Aquilo! Anchor in the quaint harbor of Omena, including lunch at a waterfront restaurant. Swimming, relaxing and napping also encouraged. See how our region lends itself to sail transport.

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"Cargo Transit". Guest Crew (for 2) during a transport delivery. See firsthand how Aquilo will be working to move products and people. Two days, round-trip includes overnight lodging ashore and meals while underway.

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"Peninsulas, Products and Passage". Guest Crew (for 4) during a transport delivery. From Northport to Charleviox by road is 79 miles. With Aquilo, we make this crossing by water in only 17 miles! Experience this eco-friendly passage with us and bring your friends! Two days, round trip includes meals while underway plus lodging and dinner ashore.

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"Champion For Change Island Tour". One-week cruise (7 days) for two in Northern Lake Michigan. Ports-of-call will include Beaver Island, Mackinac Island and the Les Cheneaux Islands to attend the Antique Wooden Boat Show. (August 10th). Includes simple accommodations aboard plus food and beverages.

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