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A digital serenade by a Kinyei staff member in honor of your donation.

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A signature Kinyei craft (paper pineapple, coconut jewelry take your pick!) and delicious ginger candies. Plus the above reward.

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A cotton krama scarf OR a cotton krama bag. Plus the rewards above.

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Inclusion in votes about additional cafe menu items AND ask a Kinyei community member; this is your chance to get that question or curiousity about Battambang, the Khmer language or anything else Cambodia answered by a resident expert. We'll set up the forum online or via Skype. Plus all the goodies above.

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A coveted Sammaki small artwork. There have been a number of creative workshops at the collective art space this year, and lots of work to show for it. You'll get an original block print or image transfer from our affiliated art space. Plus all the perks above.

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A coveted Sammaki piece by Mao Soviet, Phorn, Khchao Touch, or another renowned Battambang artiste. And you'll get the rewards from the 150 level and above!

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Experience Battambang with a two day custom tour put together by the Kinyei team over here. Likely highlights would include a glimpse into life in a floating community, and sampling little known gastronomic delights of the town. Of course, you'd also get to spend time with the Kinyei crew. Plus inclusions above starting from the 250 reward level. Airfare not included!

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