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A thank-you on our Facebook page and updates from our monthly newsletter

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Handwritten thank-you note from our Women's Business Center Director plus our monthly newsletter

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A copy of ISED's "Recipes for Success from Inspiring Women" book as well as a handwritten thank-you note and our monthly newsletter

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A printed and bound copy of our Small Business Directory, listing small businesses all over Iowa that are WBC members as far back as 1987, our inception. You also get our "Recipes for Success from Inspiring Women" book and our monthly newsletter

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Lunch with the Women's Business Center Director at a business that ISED Ventures has helped start or grow.

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A special tour of businesses that ISED Ventures has helped start or grow throughout Des Moines, as well as a special invitation to attend one of our small business development class graduations.

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Fernando Aveiga, our Business Adviser and musician extraordinaire, will sing and play guitar at your event.

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Special tour of ISED businesses, lunch with the Women's Business Center Director, and a beautiful gift basket full of a wonderful array of items from ISED clients' businesses!

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