Climbing for Monochrome

Moshi, Tanzania, United Republic ofJennifer Fein

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Kicking 'Round

Kick in $5 and we'll make sure the kids get a soccer ball. Maybe someday you'll see them playing in the world cup because you made it possible!


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Reading is Fundamental

School just isn't school without good reading material. Your donation makes it possible to get the books a child needs to get to the next level.


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Ultimate Thank You

We only get 20 minutes on the summit of Kilimanjaro because there isn't enough oxygen for us to stay for too long. So we are only offering 10 of these - we will write your names and a big THANK YOU and take a picture for you from the summit. It's like you'll be there with us!

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Caffeinated Thank You

This donation will fund a child's education for a month! And you'll get one strong cup of coffee from your single origin bag (250g) of Monochrome Coffee:

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Thank You Video from Kids

At this level, you would make it possible for a child to attend school for 6 months. That's a big deal, so we'd make sure you get a video of the kids thanking you personally. You will open the path for them to climb their mountain and make a bigger life for themselves than they could have imagined.

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