Empower women to reclaim Mozambican textiles

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Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks

Muito Obrigada, koxukhuro vincene, thank you very much.


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Cheeky Chaveiro

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + A Mozambican woman keyring, handmade from the smallest pieces of capulana.

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Funky Fridge Magnet

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + a piece of Mozambican art designed by Nelsa Guambe, an acclaimed Mozambicana artist from Inhambane, Mozambique. Nelsa lives and works in Maputo.

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Micro tote

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + Super handy little bag just right for phone, keys , glasses and credit card. The fabric is sturdy 'pano-de-vela' sail cloth (the fabric used to make the beautiful lateen sails on the swahili dhows). With an original Axinene print.

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Muthiana orera

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + Mussiro experience. Mussiro is a grand tradition pertaining to 'the beautiful women of the north'. Enjoy a zoom demonstration of how the mask is prepared and the different designs for different occasions. Also learn how to wear your capulana well in the company of the beautiful women from the north.

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Sail away to paradise

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + Sail away with for a day with award winning responsible tour operator Ilha Blue Island Safaris. On a traditional dhow, we take you to a deserted island for swimming, relaxing and a delicious BBQ lunch of fresh grilled tuna, coconut rice and organic salads. (Mozambique only)

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Wrap yourself in Ilha

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + Gift wrapped, yet to be created, limited edition Axinene capulana. Hand made with love and laughter + cheeky chaveiro + micro tote

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Afrodance frenzy

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + A wild dance off zoomarama. Project coordinator Vicky will lead you into a wild frenzy of dance and rhythm. Get down, shake your booty and bust some new moves + cheeky chaveiro + micro tote

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Tufo not Tofu

Koxukhuro - Heartfelt thanks + We will schedule a personalised live zoom dance performance to celebrate your special event. Including a song written especially for you. Songs are in Enahara and Portuguese but we will translate for you! + cheeky chaveiro + funky fridge magnet + micro tote

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