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Fundraising ended on Jan 05, 2014
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Certificate of Support: We email you a fancy certificate. All certificate holders are entitled to a free tour at the farm.

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IMMEDIATE REWARD - Season's Greetings Card: We send the card immediately in your email. You can print it out, add a handwritten greeting and give it to your friends or family this season, instead of the material gifts or with them. Contact us to have it customized to your language! Preview:

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International Fence: Get your Name and location on a fence post that we erect with your donation. Literally the most CONCRETE way to help!

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Personalized postcard: We send you a very pretty postcard to thank you personally. And you get to be part of the fence!

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Personalized "Thank You" Video: Dozens of international volunteers from different countries record a video of their stay at the farm and thank you in their own language. We compile it and send it to you in a few months' time.

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Food for volunteers: Cover the weekly food expenses for one international volunteer. Once the gift is redeemed, this volunteer will contact you to give thanks in her own unique way.

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REDEEMABLE AT THE FARM - Nature trail on horseback: Ride with Vicki or one of our volunteers (2-3 hours) and enjoy the beautiful nature!

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REDEEMABLE AT THE FARM - Thanksgiving Goat: You get to name a goat and you are free to visit your goat any time during the year. For Thanksgiving we prepare you a nice personalized package of goat milk products.

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Permaculture Knowledge Exchange: 5 two-hour online sessions in an exclusive group of like-minded participants from all over the world. Exchange knowledge and good case practices on homesteading, permaculture, organic farming and getting off-the-grid!

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REDEEMABLE AT THE FARM - Scenic Camping: 1-2 people get to spend up to 3 days in the pristine nature, right next to the farm. Includes common breakfast and dinner in an international group of volunteers. You may participate on activities at the farm if you wish to learn by doing or you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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(Virtual) Co-creator: You invest a small sum in our success and become immediately part of our volunteer team. You don't have to go through the standard volunteer application process. We work together virtually until you decide to come and get your hands dirty at The Monkey Farm. You are welcome to stay 2 weeks, food and lodging included, after which extension of stay can be negotiated if both parties are satisfied. You decide your working hours and your preferred ways of contribution.

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Carlos Hiller's painting #1 - Sea Turtle. Giclee Print. Dimensions: 20 x 22 inches (50 x 57 cm).

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Patron: Take your place among our patrons, become an integral part of our success and help Vicki and the Co-Creators to make big decisions. Patrons meet a few times a year to discuss strategic direction of The Monkey Farm. No other participation is required but, of course, patrons are always welcome to visit and stay at the farm for a few days at a time, as long as space permits.

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Carlos Hiller's painting #2 - Dolphins. Original. The first painting he ever sold, in 1999, before his fame. Dimensions: 24 x 32 inches (60 x 80 cm).

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Carlos Hiller's painting #3 - Sea Life. Original. His most famous and sought-after work of art! Nowadays he is able to craft a painting in less than an hour. With this, back in 2002, he worked for a month. And that shows: the attention to detail in this stunning painting is just overwhelmingly beautiful! Dimensions: 57 x 32 inches (145 x 80 cm).

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