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With many states adopting medical marijuana policies the awareness of cannabis as a natural medicinal substance is growing. There was a time when this magic medicine grew wildly across the nation and we aim to bring it back! Prohibitionists are working harder than ever to keep this from happening and our goal is to undermine their agenda.

The Future We Are Creating

Our future is one where unjust prohibition of substances with medicinal, economic and cultural benefits, is nonexistent. We believe by reseeding cannabis back into it natural environment, we not only will restore an integral part of the eco system, but subvert the proponents against the legalization of the substance they work so hard to defame.

The legalization of cannabis could have a major role in the economic survival of our country in many ways. Such as, creating an industry in which thousands if not hundreds of thousand of jobs could be created and tax on regulated cannabis could generate billions of dollars.

Legalization could also eliminate the overpopulation of our prison system which as of right now is on the verge of catastrophic failure due to the influx of non-violent offenders. 

It is only logical that legalization would benefit people of all walks of life. Our future, is one that breaks down archaic constraints on our growth as a nation and as people. This one of many steps to do just that.

How We Are Creating It

Operation Reseed is a nationwide campaign to place cannabis back into its natural setting. By organizing seed gatherings at legalization rallies around the country, we will work with volunteers near and far to gather cannabis seeds and spread them far and wide over our great nation. From planes, trains and automobiles. In lakes and rivers and streams. In state parks, wildlife preserves, back roads, highways and metropolitan areas. These gatherings will not only provide the crucial component to our mission but will also serve as rallies for the legalization process. Generating awareness to our cause and our utlimate goal. 

We at operation reseed plan to spread hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of seeds all throughout the U.S. but it is not limited to our effort alone. Any individual wishing to be a part of the solution is welcome to follow in our footsteps and reseed their communities as well. The potential is mind blowing.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

My name is Trey and I am a married, 29 year old, father of two. I grew up in the country, raised by my two wonderful great grandparents. My great grandfather suffered from several dibilitating diseases that caused him great suffering in his old age. Suffering that no one should have to endure. Now with his childrens age approaching maximum, they too are being made to suffer. Investigation into the best treatments for such things as neuropathic pain offer little to no help in the case of my grandfather. Until you look at it's treatment using cannabis. It is overwhelming how much evidence there is to support it effectiveness. Parkinsons, diabetes, alzheimers, high blood pressure, all of which medical marijuana is used in states where it is allowed. Ufortunately for my grandfather we currently live in Texas, a state with no medical marijuana law. A drug with this many medicinal values, that is all natural and not harmful should be available to anyone and everyone who need it. That is a cause that anyone should support. Through Operation Reseed, NORML or any other group they choose.


Trey Green

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