Turn Waste into Jobs in the Caribbean

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Successfully funded on Jun 05, 2019
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Thank You!

Every donation makes a difference - thank you! We'll keep you updated on the impact your donation makes and post your name on our Wall of Thank Yous page.


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An Even Bigger Thank You!

Thank you! $25 USD (or $75,000 COP) covers half a day's training for one person. We'll keep you updated on their progress, post your name on our Wall of Thank Yous and you get a shout out to all our followers on Instagram!


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A Bottle A Day!

Never forget that you funded a whole day's worth of instruction for one person. We'll send you a limited edition Green Apple bottle opener and of course, we'll be saying thanks online too!

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Green Apple Supporter's Cap

$100 USD (or $300,000 COP) funds 2 day's training for one artisan. Not only will we send you our personal thanks online, you'll also receive a special Green Apple supporter's cap. Together, we can be the change!

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Green Apple Tote Bag

To demonstrate our gratitude for a donation that will fund half the course for one artisan, we'll send you a Green Apple tote bag to wherever you are in the world, and of course, all of our digital love and thanks!

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A Special Glass Gift

A donation of this size truly makes a difference to the people who are part of this project. You'll get a personal thank you, regular updates and a Green Apple tote bag. We'll also send you a beautiful upcycled bottle, made by one of the artisans to demonstrate the change you've made a reality!

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Sponsor and Meet the Artisan

For donors in Cartagena: By donating $900,000 COP, you will have personally ensured that one artisan is given the chance to make a good living whilst saving glass from landfill. To recognise your contribution, the artisan you sponsor will make a piece of glassware for you. We'll take you by boat to the island to meet them, show you Green Apple's recycling operation and enjoy lunch at Blue Apple beach house (drinks to be paid for separately).

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The Glass Art Goodie Bag

A $300 USD donation is special because you are personally funding an artisan through the one-month course and giving them the tools to continue. You'll receive a tote bag, a bottle opener and a supporter's cap, plus the artisan you sponsor will make a piece of glassware for you. We'll send you a personal thanks including a video from the artisan that you support.