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Successfully funded on Dec 10, 2017
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Recognition on our Facebook page

Being ex-students, we appreciate that not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money! Any contribution or support is welcome. We'll give you a shout out on Facebook to thank you for your contribution.


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Bullet casing bracelet

We'll send you a funky rubber bracelet/anklet featuring a bullet brass design.

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Beaded tassel necklace

We'll send you a hand-beaded tassel necklace made by a group of Cambodian women living with HIV.

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Handmade tote bag

We'll send you a hand made and screen printed tote bag produced by women living with HIV (choice of two colours/ designs).

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Handmade scarf

We'll send you a beautiful hand-made scarf from reclaimed fabric (your choice of four designs).

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Set of bullet/bomb casing earrings

We'll send you a set of earrings handcrafted from bullet and bomb casings collected in Cambodia

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Handmade satchel or handbag

We'll send you a handmade handbag or satchel from a choice of five designs - all limited editions!!

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Get into our pants!

We'll send you a pair of high quality and ethically produced knickers from our first run. We want our underwear to be fun, unique and amazingly comfortable. Provide feedback and help us improve our initial designs!


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Join us in Cambodia!

We'll take you on a 3-5 day guided tour in Cambodia to experience our life-changing work first-hand (you will need to cover your own travel expenses). Meet the women at the co-op and visit some of our field projects that are providing basic healthcare for those in need.

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