Mindfulness Communities World Research Tour

Multiple Cities in the US, Europe, and New Zealand, United StatesDavid Viafora


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Kalyana-Mitra (Sanskrit for Spiritual Friend)

You believe in us and offer your heartfelt support, and we hold you as a true spiritual friend on our journey. We hope that you enjoy our blog!


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Our personal guide: "Top Ten Books on Building Community"

First reward + We'll send you our personally written guide of our favorite 10 books on communities. (We have read many of books in this field to prepare for our trip!)
Your name will be shared on our blog and website, "Sanghabuild.org", with other bodhisattvas who are making this project possible. Thank you!


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Mala Bracelet and Hand Written Thank You

First and second rewards + a mala bracelet made in Vietnam which funds services to a school and leper colony. We will also be wearing a mala bracelet throughout our trip, reminding us of our connection to you, our supportive community! And we value your support so much that we wish to offer a personal hand-written connection with each of you.

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Music from Sangha Artists

First 3 rewards + We offer several songs from two amazing musical artists, Brian Kimmel and Nhu-Mai Nguyen, seasoned mindfulness practitioners and our good friends! These musical bodhisattvas will transmit the depth of their practice through your ears and heart!

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Postcards from several communities we visit!

All previous rewards + We'll say hi to you from around the world! We'll remind you of our profound gratitude with glorious images of the lands near the communities we visit.... 4 countries at least!

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Silver Bodhisattva Supporter: Book on International Mindfulness Centers

All Previous rewards + David's upcoming book, "Waking Up Together: Mindfulness Communities around the World"

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Golden Buddha Supporter: Signed and Framed Poster of a Gorgeous Mindfulness Community Center

All previous rewards + You choose or we choose the practice center that we will photograph, print, have signed by the founders of the center, frame, and deliver to you!

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Diamond Sutra Supporter: Dinner with us, Stories, and Photos of our Trip!

All previous rewards + If you live on the West Coast, East Coast, or somewhere close to where we are traveling, we will find a way to visit and treat you and one other guest to an amazing vegan dinner (Vanessa is an extraordinary chef!) This will be an evening you will never forget.

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Full Enlightenment Dana Supporter!

First 5 rewards + We will treat you and 5 guests to an outdoor vegan dinner party of your dreams! Plus, Vanessa and David pledge to be your 'guardian angels' throughout the year. Every month or two, we will check in with you by phone or video conference, share with you about the highlights of our trip, AND be your dedicated spiritual friend, cheerleader, and supporter all rolled into one!

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