Inspire Students with Stars in Kenya

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Thank you and invitation to my blog about the trip where I will post photos, stories and video of the project. We will also include a link to free, downloadable planetarium software for your computer so that you can see the sky as seen from Kenya (or anywhere else on Earth).

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Commemorative Post Card. A thank you card mailed directly to your home from Kenya.

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Nomad Dome Star Map- 1 Season A one season star map of stars visible from your location. Will also include a star map of stars visible from that season in Kenya.

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Four-Season Nomad Dome Star Maps for your location PLUS set of star maps for Kenya. PLUS Nomad Dome's "Build your own Star Map" kit

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Adapt-A-Star This is not one of the "name a star" scams advertised on the internet. You won't own your adapted star, but you will get to know it better. Nomad Dome will create a Thank-You certificate and Fact Sheet about your adapted star. We will choose a star which is visible from your location as well as from Kenya and include information on what times a year this star is visible from your location.

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Adapt-A-Star package PLUS Custom Nomad Domes T-Shirt Please indicate size on your Pal Pal comments. These will be mailed when I return from Kenya.

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VIP tour of the Perot Museum's Expanding Universe Hall.. The Perot Musuem of Nature and Science is the new $190 Million amazing museum which just opened in Dallas, TX. Tour includes all day access to the Museum.

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Send Perot's Portable Universe Planetarium to the school of your choice for one day. (Offer limited to DFW area, subject to Portable Universe Scheduling).

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Private planetarium party for up to twenty people hosted at the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas. Kyle of Nomad Domes will give a live, question-based planetarium show for you and up to 19 friends. We will use equipment similar to what was donated to Kenya and will likely include video and photographs of the equipment being used in Kenya. Plus, bring your sky questions to explore in the dome!

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Digitalis Demonstration at your facility. You have donated to help Kenya get a planetarium, maybe you would like one for your own organization? Nomad Domes will arrange to ship a Digitalis Planetarium system of your choice and inflatable dome for a personalized demo by Kyle at your facility at a mutually agreed time. (USA only without additional fees).

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