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A message from Cambodia: Donate US$20 and receive a shoutout from one of our artist and our offical social media account thanking you for your donation on our facbook page and twitter feed

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Energizer: A meal + juice for a young artist: Donate US$30 or more, your donation will provide a meal and a fresh fruit juice for a young artist to give him/her full energy to perform on that night. He/she will thank you or a person you dedicate this gift to in a video.

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You are remembered: Donate US$100 or more we will thank you by displaying your name in a projection in our Big Top before our daily performance for 2 months.

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Gift of light for knowledge: Donate $150 or more we will donate a solar lamp (MoonLight) from Kamworks for a student of Phare and his/her family Give a child/student the gift of light in the evening to allow them to do their homework. The smile on the student’s face when receiving the light will be documented and sent to you.

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A connection with the artists: Donate US$300 and we will send you e-book of artist photos with their families with interviews about their lives and artistic careers. You will get to know them through their stories and pictures.

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A Phare Tuk Tuk with your name: Donate US$500 or more we will name one of our Phare Tuk Tuk after you or a person you dedicate this gift to for one year.

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A moment of inspiration: Donate US$800 or more, an under-privileged Cambodian youth will be inspired by the positive energy and possibilities by Phare artists. He/she will experience the performance. The youth will have a conversation and share their life stories with the artists after the show. A video of the youth journey into Phare inspiration will be sent to you with a thank you to your name or a person you dedicate this gift to.

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Learn to be Circus Stars: Donate US$1,000 or more, a group of 20 children and youth from a local NGO will learn circus skills with our artists. They will create a short piece of performance and send a video of the circus workshop and performance piece they put up.

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An exclusive conference call on social business and sustainability with Dara HUOT, Chief Executive of Phare Performing Social Enterprise. Dara, is a young Cambodian business professional who leads Phare Performing Social Enterprise towards self-sustainability for Phare Ponleu Selpak School. Dara was a student of Phare 14 years ago. He has incredible personal stories to tell about his experience growing-up in Cambodia, his views on Cambodia development and his vision of sustainability through social business.

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A lifetime Phare Circus Lover: Donate US$3,000 or more, you or a person of your choice will receive a circus lovers’ card that grant free access or our performances in Siem Reap for free as well as discount for his/her companion.

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You will always be with us: Donate US$5,000 we will name a section of our Big Top area after you or a person you dedicate this gift to.

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An experience of a life time for a Cambodian rural community: Donate US$10,000 or more Phare artists will go to a rural village school, conduct circus workshop for children and youth, and have a meal together. Phare artists will perform a full production for the children, youth and their families and community of minimum 400 persons. Phare artists will bring smiles to their faces. The whole experience will be documented in a video for you.

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Share the exciting journey to be fully self-sustainable with us: donate US$100,000 or more, you will receive all the gifts above. In addition, you are invited to share this exciting journey to become fully self-sustainable with us by being our mentor and friend. Please visit donate page on for bank account details or please e-mail [email protected] for direct contact.

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