A Conscious Consumer's General Store in Chicago

Chicago, United StatesKris VanDyke


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Fundraising ended on Aug 01, 2017
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Knuckle-Bump !

Your kindness is invigorating! We may or may not know each other in real life but know that the many collective acts which keep this project bobbing along towards eventuality make me smile daily! No amount of negative thought or bummer days or sad news stories can erase the mending impact of good deeds done.

Virtual hugs and shout-outs on Evil Eye Mercantile social media platforms and website are coming your way for sure!!!


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Fabulous Do-Gooder !

This is so super kind of You! A lot of people who are especially awesome sort of forget how awesome they are from day to day.

We'll send you a couple of tins of our NON-GMO, allergen-free, USA-made, vegan, St. Claire's Organics breath mints. Each time you taste one, please remember that we're grateful for your being YOU!


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Nifty-Fifty POWER booster !

KAPOW! That's the stuff! You're really getting us rocking now! This kind of feels like a swift shot of FIRE CIDER. So much good stuff in one place for a healthier being and a clear state of mind.

We want to be sure that you understand this analogy so that you understand how much we love You for this! So. You'll be seeing an 8 oz bottle of one of our best-selling products: this Organic, Non-GMO, raw tonic is a customer favorite. Oh! And you'll also get that social media shout-out and a fine tin of St.Claire's Organics.


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Sorcerer/(ess) of Swag

Yes! Let's make swag happen! Your choice of printed coffee mug or engraved highball glass to savor or toast the start of Evil Eye Mercantile!

You'll also get a reusable tote because we're pretty sure you like to save the planet. We'll even start it off by filling it with an 8 oz bottle of Fire Cider and a tin of St.Claire's Organics mints!


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Friendly Founder

It started with a bright idea with hopes to sustain a business built on good deeds. Now, we forage for funds so we can plant our flag into some ground, scurry to make our shop welcoming to greet our first customers, and get ready to flip the sign to "OPEN".

Before this happens, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the contributions which make it possible: Would You do us the honor of carving your name or a little message into our floorboards (or walls, as landlord permits)? We'd like customers to know that it's a community of kindness that made this business happen. How do they say...it takes a village to raise a child? Yes! This business is a baby and one day with the help of many caring souls OUR baby will grow up to do great things!

Additionally, we'd like to share with you a trifecta of pampering products by Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Company (a customer favorite)! You'll get a candle, a bottle of lotion, and a bar soap in matching scents. This is a great brand for clarity, inspiration, and uplifting spirits. We're so appreciative to be Chicago's exclusive stockist!

Yes, of course you know you're also going to get (say it with me now) a company tote, a higball or coffee cup, a bottle of Fire Cider, a tin of St.Claire's mints, and our social media shout outs of sincere gratitude!!!


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VP of Supercool & Defender of Earth

How did you GET so amazing? By day and night you fight for right and ALL earthlings are indebted to your being.

If you take a look at the walls and displays which were at our pop-up shop you'll find authentically 1880s-1930s decoration sprinkled about for fun. It seemed to set the tone and slow people down to browse a bit. If you wouldn't mind, we'd like to get a portrait of your distinguished mug on our walls for posterity. (A black and white sketch/ caricature which will be framed & hung among other family photos). If you're local we can have you for a sitting. If not, choose a distinguished photo for our artist to work from. You'll get a copy of the finished work as well -to hang in your study, perhaps.

Like our Friendly Founders, you'll get to carve your name or message into the boards in our premier shop!

Oh! And, naturally, we'll send the tote, the glass or mug, the Nature's Emporium Cherokee Soap Co. trifecta, that Fire Cider, a tin of St.Claire's mints, and our social-media gratitude too!


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Ladies and Gentelman, the Party-Hearty Philanthropist is in the house.

Yah! You ROCK and we wanna hang! There's going to be a private night of shopping and celebrating (this will be at the store in Chicago and likely early December). Please, Please, Please come join in & bring a guest for delightful libations, fun, music, and deeply-discounted shopping while you take a look at what you've made happen! We're looking forward to discussing ideas and sharing accomplishments by then. SO looking forward to this!

Oh! If you haven't already carved your name into our store founders boards this will be a perfect opportunity. You can also selfie with that framed caricature portrait of you on our wall. Put the evening's shopping in your Evil Eye Mercantile tote, raise your highball glass to toast to dreams, and chat with our other contributors about how much you all adore Nature's Emporium, Fire Cider, and St.Claire's after you sampled the swag we sent! We will thank you until the break of dawn. (Although, we will still be considerate of noise and the neighbors).

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Mayor of Awesomeville

Can you do this? Really?!? Wow! Soon after we launch the brick and mortar storefront, we'll ask you about your favorite cause and we'll feature it in social media, website, print, and store display promotion. For one entire month 5% of store retail sales will be donated to your organization! Let's keep this good energy going!

Yes, you're right! We want YOU to come to our private party in December!

You're also going to get your caricature portrait and name engraved into our premier storefront; a Evil Eye Mercantile reusable tote, a coffee mug or highball glass; a Nature's Emporium trilogy of lotion, soap, & candle; the 8 oz bottle of Fire Cider, and the tin of St.Claire's Organic mints. And a partridge in a pear tree. (No. I'm kidding on that last one. I have no access to partridges and I'd feel terrible shipping them around if I did).

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