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StartSomeGood exists to support social impact projects, enterprises and founders. What good can we help you start?

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Together we are stronger than alone. Find your peers and learn from others. Join our founder community or come to an event featuring leading social entrepreneurs from around the world.



Make your social enterprise (or “dream project”) a reality. Learn the keys to success and avoid the common missteps through our Social Enterprise Design Course, working alongside other founders.


Ready to rally the resources you need to do good? StartSomeGood offers crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms. We can even help you design a great campaign to give you the highest chance to succeed!

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StartSomeGood partners with leading brands, institutions and governments to support changemakers. We accelerate change through challenges, accelerators and funding programs.

A social enterprise design course

Join Us For The Good Hustle

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Plan for success

The Good Hustle was designed to help you overcome the biggest challenges of social entrepreneurship & plan for success in building a sustainable social enterprise

Fireside chats

Learn from those who have travelled the path. Live fireside chats with successful social entrepreneurs reveal how they overcame the challenges

Expert Speakers

Learn from subject matter experts covering business models, impact models, pitching, launch marketing, funding and personal sustainability

Group Coaching

Hosted by Tom Dawkins the founder of StartSomeGood you share the journey with other founders to learn together and support each other.

What People are saying
One of the key learning from the program was simply getting clarity on what my idea was. I had so many different ideas I could implement but I needed the direction and guidance to know which one to start with and why.
Mel Kenny, Made of Substance

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