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$1,425 pledged of $20,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $20,000
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
$1,425 pledged of $20,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Sydney Peace day Festival is being born to celebrate & Create More Awareness in Australia of International Peace Day.

Sydney Peace Day Festival

Thank You Peace Makers for Helping us Create a more beautiful World.   go to website here

You can make a real difference to  Sydney Peace Day festival, the first ever festival of this nature by contributing whatever you can to our campaign. Every dollar helps!

Sydney Peace Day Festival is an all-day music, art exhibition and health and wellbeing festival aligned with a global focus, and sharing a message of peace throughout the world.

Sydney Peace Day at Bondi Pavilion

- We have chosen the Bondi Pavilion due to its iconic nature, as it was important that we hosted the festival in a place that celebrated what it meant to be Australian 

- Since 1999, millions of people across the globe have been acknowledging International Peace Day, 21 September – reported to be over 600 million and increasing; we believe that Australians want a way to contribute to this message, and our festival is one way we can celebrate and contribute to this global movement together; 

We wish to create a future where all Australians know about Peace day like they know about Valentines day. 

 Many people are not aware of international Peace Day in Australia, and this is a very important day of global focus.

Sudie Wells KAren Swain, Deb Shepherd

Our focus is just about the most powerful tool we have when we wish to create our dreams.  When we come together with a common focus we can create amazing opportunities for more sustainability and Peace.

This is a day when we help to create a brighter future, and instead of letting it just pass by as another day, by creating the Sydney Pece Day Festival we wish to create an event where everyone can get involved, find ways in which to create more peace in their lives, have fun and celebrate this very important global day.

Last year, a small group of us attended a peace march through the streets of Sydney. After being involved and seeing so few people attend, we made a decision we should create more awareness for this important day and that Australia needed to create something that contributed in a positive way, to the International Day of Peace!

The first challenge, was where? How? And what? But the seeds of inspiration where there!

KAren Swain

For the past 6 months the Sydney Peace Day festival team have been working on the concept – securing the venue and council approvals, connecting with inspirational speakers and performers, interactive artists, local and national businesses, that all believed in one thing – peace!

We have meet with lots of hurdles but are now at the stage, we are committing to making this festival a reality, and our initial task of securing of sponsorship dollars has been a tough task!

You see we all believe in the message of Peace, and therefore it would be easy to find the funding – it hasn’t!  

Undeterred by not achieving the required funds through traditional methods, we believe we need to to tap into the collective, and together we can make this day happen!

Deborah ShepherdPeace Day can stand for many things:  

- That all countries around the world lay down arms for one day;

- We do not experience domestic violence;

- There is no conflict based on gender, race or sexual persuasion; or 

- People make peace with themselves and/or within their relationships

The beauty of peace, is it can mean so many things, to so many people – but when asked, we all want a life that is full of it!

This September 21st, join us to support this global movement, celebrate your definition of peace and contribute what you can today to assist us to make it happen!

Peace T-Shirts

All over the world people are creating initiatives to help each other find more peace in their lives with their families, communities, state, country and in the world. They are out in force spreading the message of Peace.

IMAGINE How YOU can spread more PEACE with us!

Susie WellsSupporting this initiative is important because when we come together on mass with a common focus, not only do we change our lives. We CHANGE the world!

What you can do now... The first step is to help us put on Sydney's very first interactive Peace Day Festival @ Bondi Pavilion where we are coming together to showcase wellbeing, meditation, art, dance, music, fun workshops and inspirational speakers all with a focus on Peace.

Your contribution will go toward the expenses to create this day. Venue hire, security, cleaning, marketing, advertising, getting the word out there. As well as helping for the performers who come to help us spread peace cover their expenses.


Sydney Peace day Festival

Tipping Point Goal: $20,000

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

Tipping Point goal $20,000

With $20,000 we can start the process of making this day happen, it will cover the bare necessities of our venue, stage equipment for our performers, our Peace Wall and some basic advertising and promotion – it will allow us to make this day happen, as well as HELP US get the Word out  throughout the media and other avenues and put Australia on the map of doing something magical to celebrate Peace.

Ultimate goal $50,000

Achieving our ultimate goal of $50,000 will enable us to cover most of our costs and be in a position to recognise the efforts of all that have made the day happen. We will also contribute a portion of our sales to our supported charities of which currently assist people on a daily basis that may not be experiencing Peace .

We also will be able to use some of the funds to ensure we can be in position to make this a regular, annual festival in Australia. 

So if you would like to make a stand for Peace, please support us to make this festival a reality, and let’s show the world what Australians can do when come together for something we believe in!