Save the Chiko

by Chiko Roll

$1,450 pledged of $450 goal
Tipping Point: $400
Ultimate Goal: $450
$1,450 pledged of $450 goal
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Campaign Overview

Familia Moja feeds 42 kids and 4 staff 3 meals a day on 1 cooker. The 'Chiko' is broken and will cost 28,000 KES to fix.

When Wambui first told us about the 'Chiko' and the repairs it needed she dropped the figure of 28,000 Kenyan Shillings. We had video equipment so we decided we'd make a quick little video and raise the money. It wasnt until we converted the money to AUD that we realised the $400 pricetag probably places us in the running for world's most achievable crowdfunding campaign.

There was talk of adding a list of needs or padding out the figure but, as we went into this to fix the 'Chiko', we decided to stick with the 28,000 as confusing the issue would only confuse the issue. In the grand scheme of things we are talking about a very small amount of money but we think this illustrates just how far a small amount of money can go.

Repairing the Chiko means Familia Moja will be able to conserve a large quantity of firewood day to day.

(We added $50 to the total as SSG takes 5% of funds raised.)

Tipping Point Goal: $400

Total Funding Goal: $450

We're only asking for $400 AUD - that will fix the cooker. But there are many needs at the home and if we can qauntify such a massive change with $400 imagine what we can do with another $400. And another.