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Tipping Point: $25,000
Ultimate Goal: $100,000
$25,300 pledged of $100,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

RipeNearMe maps edible plants growing on public land & food grown by ordinary citizens. Find, share, swap, buy or sell.

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What is RipeNearMe?

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A web app; we map food that people grow in their yards, and wild edibles growing in parks and public spaces for some seriously addictive online foraging. But far more than just a map, we engage the community around you to make ultra-local food a natural part of life - like it was for your grandparents and their parents. Learn more by visiting

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Our Story

For years we have witnessed something very odd; magnificent fruit trees (orange, mulberry, pomegranate, lemon - you name it) overflowing with fruit that is left to the birds or to rot on the ground. Yet just around the corner a supermarket is selling the same fruit for $5.98/kg or more - some of it imported from half way around the world!

So we asked ourselves "What if people could easily find fruit and veggies growing nearby?", and "What if urban spaces were better utilized to grow food?".

That spark of enthusiam led to tireless drafting, modelling, designing, adjusting, and creating. Where our skillset ended we hired contractors to develop and build. Users from around the world have taken to the site, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We see this as our chance to change the world - and how the world sees food.

Our ultimate aim is to firmly establish homegrown, local and urban food as a viable part of the modern food system.

 Helena and Alistair

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Why we are raising funds

The future for RipeNearMe is bright - it will become a financially sustainable social enterprise. Plans are in place to cover our ongoing expenses and ensure that RipeNearMe is a long term conerstone for the ultra-local food movement, and (as we're often asked) any monetisation will not impact our community, users and friends. We just need a little bit of a push to take us to the next step. Care to give us a nudge? - support us now!

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Why the world needs urban food

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Globally, our food supply is under pressure. Cities and towns around the world were settled on the most productive farmland. Population growth and urban sprawl are forcing farmers into less productive territory. Changing climates bring floods, fire, drought, heatwaves and cold snaps that wreak havoc on food security. Genetic modification, pesticides and herbicides have become big business, and food production is under threat of being controlled by just a handful of multinational corporations… So what is the solution?

We make our cities edible. There is an astonishing amount of open spaces in our cities. Imagine if the trees that line streets produce food, and city parks become food forests? What will happen if half of the population grow food? But... it’s not just about growing more urban produce.

In Australia half the population do grow food at home, but when was the last time you saw home-grown food offered in a supermarket or corner store (in Australia or anywhere else)? Why isn't this food more prominent, or a viable contender to industrial agriculture?

Industrial agriculture and the supply chains that support it have become supremely efficient. Moving food from farm to supermarkets – even from half way around the world – happens without us being aware of it. In contrast, there is no such supply chain for the lemon tree in your backyard. In fact, there isn't even an established marketplace.

RipeNearMe aims to fill that gap. Our mission is to put food back in the hands of the people. If you grow your own, you already know your brand is the best. You can grow organic, heirloom and rare varieties that are far superior in nutrition and taste. You can grow crops, fruits and nuts that are suited to your climate, and reuse grey water and green waste to reduce the overall ecological footprint of your food. Now we want you to share your bounty, and connect with others nearby who do the same. You can gift it, exchange or make a profit (money growing on trees?) – it’s up to you.

Our point is, the world needs you.... and your food.

Tipping Point Goal: $25,000

Total Funding Goal: $100,000

How the funds will be used

 By raising $25,000 we'll be able to work on: 

Growing our membership 

Nobody likes an empty map (you can help us with that right now by adding your produce). Your contribution of funds will help free up our time to connect with local organisations the world over. The more people who discover RipeNearMe the better it gets.

User Groups

Attention food swappers, community gardeners, charitable fruit pickers, and other groups around the world: we’ve got some cool things in store for you! User-groups will help you collaborate and grow your local food project. 

Garden materials

Green waste, mulch, manure, firewood, and compost are an important part of balanced ecosystems. We want to make these resources easier to find and share.

Seeds, seedlings and cuttings

There may be nothing more important to civilisation's food security than saving precious, heirloom and rare seeds. We want to make it easier to share seeds with other growers nearby, and have plans for some very cool integrations.

Listing accuracy, reminders & expiry

We know that having accurate listings and growers who respond to enquiries is very important to all our users. We monitor listings regularly for irregularities, however we’d like to build some smart automation into our application to reduce our fatigue and your frustration.


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Other ways you can help

Sometimes things are tight and you just can’t part with any money - we understand! But thankfully that doesn’t mean you can’t help. We'd love it if you could:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign
  • Register on RipeNearMe, and add produce that you grow
  • Plant a fruit or nut tree - you know you want to!

We will be forever grateful for your support.

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