POP Remedy - Comic Strips To Remedy The World

by POP Remedy Syndicate

$4,523 pledged of $30,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $30,000
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
$4,523 pledged of $30,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

POP Remedy is creating & distributing comic strips to help remedy PEOPLE & PLANET. We will do GOOD. We can do BETTER.

Imagine a place where current syndicated comic artists, retired comic artists, and new and upcoming comic artists could create and fuel great projects that help people and planet causes...all for GOOD...always? A comic strip syndicate to remedy the world...


NOTE *When you make a donation it says pre-authorized payment. This means you are only charged, ONCE, if indeed the project reaches its goal. YOU ARE ONLY CHARGED ONCE. If I do not reach my goal...I lose it all...*

POP Remedy Syndicate: POP Remedy is a comic strip syndicate meant to take the successful model of a traditional print syndicate and distribute comic strips to various platforms of readership. The difference is, POP Remedy Syndicate will GIVE BACK the vast amount of its profits from memberships, comic strip collections, and merchandise to people and planet charities and causes while becoming another source of information and education. POP Remedy is a Comic Strip Syndicate to Remedy the World.


The 1st Cause: My son, Harrison, was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease on March 8th, 2012...ironically that was World Kidney Day.

For years, before the birth of my son, I had been struggling with 'doing good'. After channeling the advice of Joni Avram from Cause & Effect Marketing and W. Brett Wilson, Canada's leading businessmen, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, mentor and distant 'friend'...I answered this question: "How can I use my knowledge, my network and my personal passion to creatively meet the world's greatest needs?"

That answer was POP Remedy and a COMIC STRIP to help spread awareness and education and be a strong contributor and fundraiser for Kidney Disease. I will be championing and supporting the efforts of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, The Kidney March, and World Kidney Day, through my comic strip and GIVING BACK the vast amount of profits from memberships, comic strip collections, and merchandise. This is my cause. This is what my comic strip will Remedy.

GOOD NEWS...POP Remedy DOES NOT exist just for me and my cause. There are other artists, with other causes looking to DO GOOD. We know you are out there - we are here - waiting.

The 1st Comic Strip: The first comic strip appearing under POP Remedy Syndicate is MY comic strip, 'The Pursuit of Mandy' 

'The Pursuit of Mandy' is about a little girl, Mandy, and her three imagined friends, Parry, Sam and Fenton. Together and totally unbound, they experience the extraordinary wonder of childhood to its fullest, escaping the clutches of time and remind us, panel-by-panel, that it's never too late to go back. “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” ― Dr. Seuss

"Touching and tender, crazy and delightful, sweet, silly, poignant, and sad. I think you captured that childhood imaginative streak beautifully... you're in a class with Bill Watterson and the top strips of Jef Mallett." - FAN

How will the Syndicate & Comics Generate Money?: The syndicate and comic strips will generate revenue for selected causes through Donation buttons, Web advertising, Selling original art, limited edition prints, Merchandising, book collections, Getting into print and other cause/supporting websites, comic strip and syndicate personal and corporate subscriptions, cause related marketing, comic conventions and cause campaigns which will all be attainable with partnership and support of an already established national foundation and cause like the Kidney Foundation of Canada. They alone have a social network of 10's of 1000's of people with extraordinary website visits, unique visitors and page views. Laughter is not only an easy sell...it's needed.

POP Remedy Marketing Plan: 

ONLINE 1:1 Marketing

We will grow our readership by multiple online means. Specifically, we will target the members and supporters of a comic strip's charity or foundation of choice with a strong, targeted marketing initiative across social networking websites.  We will target comic strip fans directly (of course!), and target new demographics outside comic and charity specific profile tags across ALL social networking websites.

Our marketing will prove successful after developing a new loyal fan base for the comic strip as well as educating and finding new supporters for charity/cause the comic represents.

POP Remedy Target Audiences: First and foremost, our comics will target those that love comics and love to laugh. PERIOD. Our comics are not controlled by any industry, business or charity and are not themed after any charity/organization it may support. The comics and creators featured and distributed by POP Remedy Syndicate are simply passionate about people and planet, about charity and cause and philanthropy, and have decided to subscribe to a new syndicate model.

POP Remedy Launch Date: Our Syndicate and 1st comic will launch on World Kidney Day, March 13th, 2014. Approximately 8 months later we will have our first comic strip collection ready for print and purchase for the holiday season. 


Tipping Point Goal: $30,000

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

Tipping Point Funds


Tipping Point Funds will cover 5 needs essential to the development of the syndicate and inaugural comic strip which will lead to the content of our first POP Remedy published Comic Strip Compilation. The 1st is artist supplies for a full year of production. With experience, outside expertise and quotes from various worldwide suppliers. The 2nd is an updated computer system, hardware and software capable of bringing the syndicate and comic to life. The good people at apple store have put together a competitive business package that will meet my needs. The 3rd is professional website development for both the syndicate and comic strip. I have comparable quotes from established and reputable website designers. The 4th is creation and labor costs associated with the production of a comic. I know what it takes to make a comic, from first thought to finished strip, to website then distribution. It is hours each day, everyday, forever... :) The 5th and final is marketing costs beginning immediately after websites launch on March, 13th, 2014, World Kidney Day. I will use a variety Social Web advertising, print advertising, cause related marketing, comic conventions and cause campaigns

Beyond Tipping Point


If POP Remedy raises funds beyond the tipping point of $30,000, every penny extra will go towards the printing of the first comic strip collection. Having funds up front allows us to secure the books and sell and rather than rely on pre-sales. Our goal is to print and sell 10,000 copies of our first comic strip collection. This will help raise thousands and thousands of dolllars for The Kidney Foundation of Canada, The Kidney March and World Kidney Day.

Thank you for your support!