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Tipping Point: $25,000
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
$25,222 pledged of $50,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

A powerful documentary about the catastrophic impact of plastic in our oceans. Save our greatest resource. Act now.


Boys on a home-made raft in a sea of plastic

We have to do something, and do it now. We have produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we did in the whole of the last century. Plastic production is using vast amounts of precious oil reserves (approximately 8% - the amount used by the whole of Africa), and almost half of the plastic we use is used just once and then thrown away. The impact on wildlife, the environment, and the harm to human health are only now becoming clear.Plastic pollution has become a man-made global catastrophe. In a world of convenience living, we're now so addicted to plastic that we're drowning in it.

What we are doing.

Plastic Oceans has assembled a team of the world’s top scientists and leading filmmakers to produce a hard-hitting documentary that will play a key role in raising awareness about plastic pollution, and show us what we can do now to save our oceans.

A man tries to catch dinner from beneath the layer of plastic.

Executive Producer Adam Leipzig (March of the Penguins, former President of National Geographic Films, former Vice President of Disney), Jo Ruxton (Blue Planet, Pacific Abyss), and Craig Leeson (Director Marco Polo, former Producer/Director for National Geographic International Channel, Independent Filmmaker) lead the filmmaking team.

Our team has traveled to some of the remotest parts of the planet to document the impact of plastic on the environemnt and mankind. Some of the world's leading voices on environmental issues have spoken out in support of the film, including Sir David Attenborough and Dr. Sylvia Earle.

It's not too late - we must act now to restore harmony to our greatest living resource.


What you can do.

Production is nearly complete! With your support, you create the opportunity for millions across the globe to better understand how plastic is impacting ocean, marine, and human health as well as how to support solutions. Make an impact - make a difference.

Visit our venture page to learn more about The Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Tipping Point Goal: $25,000

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

Ultimately, we need $1.5M to complete filming, market to a global audience, and complete our interactive app.

Money raised in this campaign will be used to complete some critical filming related to innovation and solutions, including professional computer animation to beautifully explain recent scientific breakthroughs.

Money raised beyond our $25,000 goal will support completion of the film, marketing, and distribution.

Earthrise over plastic