PhilFest - Bring Music Education To Nepal

by The Music Generation

$1,765 pledged of $3,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $3,000
Ultimate Goal: $12,000
$1,765 pledged of $3,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

We're raising funds through a Festival for a music program we hope to set up for a community in Pokhara, Nepal.

At MGen, we believe in social entreprenuership and turning the consumer into a philanthropist. The fact that music isn't something that people have access too is something we'd like to fix, because as an art form, anyone who feels compelled to express themselves in that way should have every opportunity to do so. 


We are working with the wonderful group Empowering Women of Nepal to set up a music program in Janapriya Higher Secondary School in Pokhara, Nepal.



 The program would include:
- Providing basic musical theory knowledge to students in a classroom environment. This is important for brain development, accessing the same areas triggered by mathematics and logical thinking.
- All students will learn to play keyboard, a vital instrument to learn in order to understand the theory behind music, and will aid in learning other instruments.
- Providing aural training and developing a “musical ear”. This has proven to increase brain stimulation and sound memory thus increasing one’s general memory.
- Offering classes in music appreciation derived from psychology studies, specifically focusing on the psychological and physiological responses to music.
- Learning to listen and analyse music based on mood, context and culture helps analytical skills and the basic comprehension of musical sounds.
- Movement to music, similar to dance, allows one to interpret the musical qualities of a song and how it affects the human body. i.e. syncopated rhythms create muscular reactions which make people dance.
- Creating an understanding of different musical cultures.
- Running choirs and singing sessions as well as body percussion groups.
- Demonstrating to students the enjoyment of performing, playing in a public environment and creating social bonds through art.
- Allowing students to work and collaborate together creating skills in co-operation and working as a group.
- Providing the musical skills of staying in time, listening to those performing around you and following a conductor or leader.
- Developing the vital skills of singing and being able to sing in tune, judge pitch and develop the skill of rhythm and timing.
MGEN’s Melbourne private instrumental students will have the opportunity to sponsor a person in Nepal to learn an instrument.
The Melbourne students will receive regular updates on their sponsored musician’s skills are developing as well as receiving recordings and videos of their sponsored musician playing. 
PhilFest - A music festival for philanthropists will take place in November as part of the Changemakers Festival run by Six Australia. All the proceeds will go towards making this dream a reality.
While we are still figuring out the venue, dates and line up, it'll be happening as part of the Changemakers Festival which is running all over Australia from the 1st to the 10th of November.
We will be constantly updating this project so stay tuned to find out what PhilFest lines up.  
For more info please visit:
or tweet to us@TheMusicGen and we'll be sure to respond. 

Tipping Point Goal: $3,000

Total Funding Goal: $12,000

Tipping Point

The tipping point funds ($3000) will go towards the running of PhilFest. i.e. venue hire, equipment hire (audio equipment), security for the event, sound technicians, food and drink and other misc. costs.

Whatever extra funds are raised will go towards setting up the music program in Janapriya Secondary School in Pokhara. Here is a list of what we can do with whatever extra funds are raised.

Beyond the Tipping Point

$4,000 - Training of Nepalese residents in the community to teach music creating more jobs and giving music and eduction skills to those involved.

$6,000 - Buying percussion instruments for the kids to play in group environments as well as a keyboard and a guitar.

$8,000 - Refurbishing school facilities to create a music classroom where we can hold classes open to the whole community.

$10,000 - Buying instruments from every catergory i.e. strings, woodwind, brass, etc. and having group lessons on each instrument.

$12,000 - Starting a connection between Australia and Nepal where by learning an instrument through MGen, you will sponsor a person in Nepal to learn an instrument intensively via Skype. Australian music students will remain updated on the Nepalese music student and their progess as well as having joint lessons over Skype.

Anything extra raised above the figures given above will be donated to Empowering Women of Nepal in thanks for all their help and to support the amazing work they do in multiple communites.

This is a very basic guide to this project as we are still in discussion with Janapriya High School to work out exactly what will happen once we get there. If we manage to raise anything more, the possiblities will be endless!