The E-Harmony of Community Building: OCG Online

by Our Common Ground- Online Community Building Tool

$3,235 pledged of $10,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $10,000
Ultimate Goal: $40,000
$3,235 pledged of $10,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

The E-Harmony of community building...a free, community building online tool for any community to use worldwide.


Brandon & Jodi Spunar

Brandon is the Founder of Our Common Ground. He is currently involved with the Connect Project in Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge where we use OCG's community cards to mobilize this community. He has worked in various capacities in the social sector, including international aid, and 5 years as a support worker in Kitchener's shelter system. Jodi is the creative mind behind OCG design and is responsible for financial records along with many other elements of the organization. 

Tim Van Meer

Tim is a fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student specializing in marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is passionate about startups and community development and has been involved with various campus initiatives, within the Kitchener/Waterloo area, and internationally. He is responsible for helping with the OCG vision, business strategy, and marketing initiatives.  

Christine Stevanus

Christine is the owner of Define and Shift, a consulting group focusing on individual and organizational change while also being a supervisor for a local not for profit. She is a change leader in Kitchener- Waterloo and helps with our OCG vision and ensures the needs of communities are continually heard.

We believe when people can see where their passions and interests can be used to change their neighborhoods, incredible things happen. Our hope is that never again will a single community member not know what opportunities, big or small, exist in their community.




The OCG online tool will:

- Help anyone identify their passions, dreams, skills, strengths, etc

- See others with similar passions, interests, dreams

- Find others, organizations, businesses, etc that have opportunities related

- Provide the tools to help people or groups organize, network and move to action in connecting with their communities

- Offer an advertising platform that highlights only businesses and organizations that want to use advertising dollars to both do good and be seen by their immediate community.

- Quickly find recreational activities and other special interest events in their community based on interest.

- Will utilize effective match making software on an easy to use platform.



Tipping Point Goal: $10,000

Total Funding Goal: $40,000


$10,000: Tipping Point

These funds will be used to pay for the software engineering and website design. If any part of this work is volunteered, the remainder of the money will be used for further IT support, hosting and marketing. This is the minimum amount to get our communities a site that we can start using!



$40,000: Total Funding Goal

We at Our Common Ground are used to trying to do a lot with a little... but an additional 30,000$ would let us really put some pieces in place to make sure this is a far more sustainable and relevant venture. This extra money would be used partially for IT support and updates (making sure the site is what you and I need it to be) and for promotion in different communities and via the web. The power of this simple idea lies in communities, neighborhoods, entire streets and places of worship (to name a few) checking it out. We would like to hire someone to invite interns/students into a 6 month awareness campaign to really get the word out and show communities how they can benifit from these tools.

Anything above and beyond our goal will be used to create a 1 year position allowing a full time staff member to constantly improve and listen to communities as to what they need from these tools.

In addition to this dedicated position, the assistance of a web professional to help us stay relevant and cutting-edge to our different community needs would ensure Our Common Ground tools continue to allow you and I to change the world simply by connecting with others.

THANK YOU for your support!      

- The OCG Team


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