Optometrists Taking Action

by Wide Open Road

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Tipping Point: $1,000
Ultimate Goal: $4,000
$1,635 pledged of $4,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

We'll be checking the eye health of the kids at Mision Mexico, a children's refuge in southern Mexico.

Kids at Mision Mexico

Our project

The kids in the Mision Mexico refuge all come from deprived backgrounds, but now live in a loving home environment, go to school and even learn to surf.

Entirely donor funded, the refuge provides for the kids' needs, and with the love and support of the volunteer staff, the kids thrive. But, they have not had access to optical care or had their eyes tested. 

For more about the volunteers and kids at Mision Mexico, you can visit their website at lovelifehope.com 

School time

How our trip can help

The inability to see properly for reading, looking at the blackboard or even to easily see friends in the playground can have long term impacts for kids.

Our visit will not only test the ocular health of the kids currently in the refuge, we will also leave equipment and train staff so they can do basic visual screening themselves to identify problems after we’ve left.

We will check refractions and that the eyes work together properly, check ocular health, and provide glasses for the kids who need them. We also want to give all the kids a pair of sunnies.

We will take our own equipment and also leave a few tests so that we can teach some of the volunteer staff to give a vision screen. This might mean they can detect earlier the kids who are desperate for eyecare. 

A little about us

Jeremy and CatherineWe are optometrists who see the person behind the glasses. 

Together we believe that eye tests are only the beginning of the story that can lead to people leading fuller lives with access to good sight.

We were inspired when we heard the story of Mision Mexico, run by two amazing Australians, Pam and Alan Skuse and their incredible support staff. The Skuse's went to Tapachula about 10 years ago for a year of volunteer work. When the orphanage was closed half way through their trip due to lack of funding they decided that rather than let the children be left on the streets they would run the orphanage. They bought land to improve the facilities so that they are now able to now support about 50 children. 

Tipping Point Goal: $1,000

Total Funding Goal: $4,000

We need to take a lot of equipment with us from Australia, as well as some items which will be left at the children's refuge to allow for screening.

Tipping Point

Our tipping point amount allows us to insure our equipment, and buy some basic consumables such as letter and picture charts.

Total Fundraising Goal 

Additional funds beyond our tipping point help us to cover necessary testing equipment (such as a prism bar, steriopsis test, lens set and trial frame); the screening kit (second hand opthalmoscope and retinoscope) that we will leave for Mision Mexico to use; some travel expenses, as Tapachula is quite remote; and to provide a pair of sunglasses for each child.

We're really keen for more people to know about Mision Mexico's great work, and if we raise more than we need, it won't go to waste, as can also donate extra to the refuge.