Eating Bugs for a Better Tomorrow

by Little Herds

$5,762 pledged of $15,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $15,000
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
$5,762 pledged of $15,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Official launch & 2014 budget of Little Herds, the first North American charity dedicated to promoting edible insects.

Last Hour!

We're so humbled by the support and encouragement shown by people in our community and around the world. Having 65+ donors from across three continents and over a dozen countries has been uplifting!

Your money is going to some incredible events and opportunites for the public to learn about edible insects.

Our Future Food Salon ATX event has been complimented by several pre-events, including; a book signing on Tuesday with David George Gordon at Buzzmill Coffee, a pre-party Tuesday night with World Entomophagy at In.Gredients, and a book signing Wednseday afternoon for David George Gordon and Daniella Martin at Art.Science.Gallery.

On March 9th, we'll be teaching kids on spring break about science, insects and nutrition in the Kitchen Lab at the Thinkery.

We're also excited to be throwing a party with World Entomophagy for the SXSW Interactive panel Hacking Meat: Why Insects are the Future of Food on March 11th.

Recent Press!

2/11 We just had some great press from the Austin American Statesman's Austin360, Addie Broyles, of Relish Austin!

2/13 The Austin Chronicle is giving us some love as well, from Wayne Alan Brenner in the Food Issue!

2/13 We're even getting some National play, getting a mention from Kelley Holland on CNBC!

Yum yum! Walking stick fried at the Zilker Park Bug Festival

The average American unintentionally eats over 400 insects a year, but we SHOULD be doing better than that. Eating more insects might just save the world!

We're a publically funded nonprofit organization, and we're taking our mission to the public to gain support for our 2014 budget. You can learn what we're doing with your support below.

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Insects

Environmentally sustainable. They use less land, less water and produce fewer emissions than traditional livestock.
2. Nutritious. Bugs provide excellent protein as well as heart healthy Omega-3 fats, and important vitamins and minerals.
3. Easy to Farm. Bugs have a short life cycle and can be raised in urban environments, freeing up the country-side for oxygen-giving forestry and wild life.
4. Ethical. They can be easily and humanely euthanized for ethical harvesting.
5. Delicious & Versatile. They are tasty, easy to prepare and highly versatile.

Cricket Fritters from the Future Food Salon group

What's the big deal?

Increasing populations and the need for protein are placing an enormous destructive pressure on our lands, oceans, forests, and watersheds. The world's population is expected to pass 9 billion people by 2050 and with over 70% of the world's arable land already being used to produce meat, we're running out of space. Industrial livestock rearing practices tax the environment, while millions around the world struggle with malnutrition. Even developed nations struggle to provide their populations with nutritious food, so we know something has to change.

Chocolate Chip Cricket Cookies

They're also tasty when prepared in savory dishs, like burgers and ragouts. When ground into a flour they can be used to fortify familiar foods like bread, tortillas, pastas, and cookies. We believe, and so far we've been right, that when people know how great insects are for our bodies and the planet, and give bugs a try, they see (and taste) the benefits of the idea. We aim to use education and the arts to break the psychological taboo against bugs that has kept western nations from utilizing this wonderful resource. We've convinced over 3,000 people to eat insects in 2013. And we're aiming to reach another 10,000 in 2014! Join us?

Cricket Mole Tacos

You really think people will do this?

Worldwide, already two billion people around the world include insects in their diet. And two billion people can't be wrong! We just have to convince North Americans and Europeans to give them a try. We've seen dietary trends change, with sushi and lobster being prime examples, so we know it can be done.

Sweet Potato Fritata with grilled mealworms

How are you getting people to eat bugs?

We've already served insects at numerous events, like SXSWeco, East Austin Studio Tour, The Insect Fiesta at the Bob Bullock Museum, HOPE Farmers Market, The Thinkery (Austin's Children's Museum) Noche de Ciencias at LBJ Highschool, Nerd Nite at the North Door, and The Dionysium at the Alamo Drafthouse, Zilker Park Bug Festival, and more! We brought some Texan bug-chocolates and sweets to serve at the Future Food Salon Manhattan, and now we're ready to put on our own event!

Mealworms Macarons with Blueberry Compote

Future Food Salon ATX Wednesday February 19 at Brazos Hall.

Little Herds is proud to be collaborating with Alimentary Initiatives to host the third installment of their Future Food Salon series on February 19th, to provide Austin with an entertaining and educational evening bringing together local artists, musicians, and chefs. This will be the first big fundraiser we're hosting, bringing the insects front and center, so we want it to be a fantastic evening and a great start to 2014.

Mealworm and Coconut Breaded Calamari

We'll have insects prepared in a multitude of ways by some adventurous and intrepid local chefs, along with educational presentations by some of the movers and shakers of the entomophagy industry including:

Pat Crowley
founder of Chapul cricket bars, Salt Lake City

Jakub Dzamba
founder of Third Millenium Farms, Montreal

David Gracer,
Entomophagist, Small Stock Food Strategies, Providence

Harman Johar
Founder of World Entomophagy, Austin

Aruna Antonella Handa
Alimentary Initiatives & host of the Future Food Salons, Toronto

David George Gordon
The Bug Chef, Seattle

We'll have local bands Sour Bridges and Mighty Mountain serenading us with sweet tunes. Art.Science.Gallery will be curating local insect-inspired artists from their Eclosion collection. The event will be held at Vuka, a locally owned art coop and co-working space.

RNA presenting at the Future Food Salon Manhattan

Tipping Point Goal: $15,000

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

Why we need your help!

While we've been fortunate enough to have many groups, companies, professional consultants and individuals donating time, services, and products for our launch, website and events, there are many things we still need to pay for.

Zilker Park Bug Festival

For our nonprofit to get off the ground, we'll need at least $15,000 to cover a variety of costs for the events we run and co-sponsor, including venue rentals, legal fees, publicity, permits and insurance, ingredient costs, accounting, funds to pay chefs and musicians, travel costs for our presenting speakers, and infrastructure costs from port-o-johns to glassware.

Little Herds is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded in large part through donations from the public. Since our founding in June 2013, we've participated in numerous great events and collaborations, all on a budget of less than $5,000. Now it's time for us to ramp up and start turning this crazy idea into a reality — that's why we need you. Let's turn 3,000 people eating bugs into 300,000 by 2015.

If we hit our goal of $50,000 we'll be able to broaden our scope more effectively, funding our digital, travel, legal and program costs. A digital budget will allow us to build and maintain a website as a place for the public to find factual, useful information and news about edible insects. We'll use a travel budget to represent America at international summits on entomophagy. We need an accounting and legal budget to cover fees for our 501(c)(3) filing and ongoing operation. Printing costs and ingredients for educational materials and insect samples will come from a program budget. All of these things and more go into educating the public so that this whole new sector starts on a responsible, sustainable, and successful leg (or six).

We've outlined our 2014 plans below, with something each month helping to educate the public and spread the buzz. Through these events we can gather public opinion and market research on how we can best adopt insects into our diet.

RNA presenting at Nerd-Nite ATX at the North Door

Part of our mission at Little Herds is to support innovation and collaboration in the growing edible insect industry by working with entrepreneurs and start-ups in this new market. By encouraging businesses to invest in new technologies and grow the market of available and approachable insect products, we're helping to legitimize entomophagy and to increase access to this incredible new food.

We also work to promote research and the exchange of knowledge, by collaborating with educational institutions and researchers to bring accurate information to the public about edible insects. By organizing and sponsoring educational series, panel discussions, and conferences, we're able to help further the world's knowledge about edible insects for the benefit of all of us and the planet.

Zilker Park Bug Festival

What is the goal of the Future Food Salon ATX?

This is our first push from being hosted at events to hosting our own fundraiser. We have numerous events and projects for 2014 and any funds raised from the event will go towards these budgets. The goal is to raise money, our profile, and awareness of the benefits of eating bugs. Here's what we have planned for 2014.


We're promoting the SXSW Interactive panel on Future Food Solutions, featuring edible bug experts.

We'll have a booth at Earth Day Houston to educate people and raise awareness of entomophagy.

Thinkery Opening Bug Eating Party

We'll be hosting our 3rd annual insect-based dinner with a local restaurant, inviting the public to try insects in a familiar setting with food prepared by local chefs.

We'll be attending the UN sponsored international conference on edible insects in Wagneningen, Netherlands, helping to represent American initiatives in the world of edible insects.

This is a free, kid friendly party with live insect cooking demsontrations, locally baked insects treats, local music, and educational demonstrations from our local nonprofit partners and farmers market community.

Zilker Park Bug Festival

We'll be a co-sponsor at North America's first conference on edible bugs.

We'll be offering schools in Austin a program they can book for their classes teaching children the science and the art of eating insects.

We'll be offering tasty bites of bugs for the second year.

We'll be participating once again and encouraging locals to give insects a bite!

In the lead-up to the holidays, we'll offer an all-ages culinary workshop on how to prepare yummy sweets with fair trade chocolate and edible insects.

Eating insects is a viable solution to many of the worst problems facing our planet, and the solution has been under our feet the entire time. With your help, Little Herds is bringing bugs to the people! Won't you join us?

Founder RNA with Little Herds at the SXSWEco preparty

Thank you for your support!

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